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How to Secure Your Telephone Payments

If your organisation takes payments through your contact centre, you will be aware of the challenges associated with securing the telephone payment channel.

This eBook will cover:

• The risk areas in scope of PCI when taking payments over the phone
• Methods that organisations are adopting to meet PCI DSS in their contact centres
• The extent to which these methods are effective
• Best practices preferred by the PCI Security Standards Council

secure telephone payments ebook

How Will GDPR Affect Your Contact Centre? An Introductory Guide

So far, articles written on the GDPR topic have tended to fall into two categories - information delivery, and scare tactics. In addition, little has been written to address how contact centres and related companies can set policy and future direction for data use and storage.

In this guide, find out why:

  • It's data, not just card data, that needs securing
  • You should use the PCI DSS mindset to 'de-scope' your contact centre
  • You should plan and rehearse for a breach
GDPR Guide

Processing Telephone Payments Securely

Does your businesses accept payments made over the telephone? Is it your responsibility to address all businesses processes to process card payments securely and in line with PCI DSS requirements? Explore our guide for hints and tips to meet your PCI audit - with less of the headaches and sleepless nights.


Processing Telephone Payments Securely

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The Inner Circle Guide to PCI DSS Compliance in the Contact Centre

With 66% of UK contact centres taking card details over the phone via an agent, PCI DSS Compliance is crucial to prevent data fraud. Eckoh and ContactBabel have teamed up to provide a best practice guide for PCI DSS compliance in contact centres.

The Inner Circle Guide to PCI DSS Compliance in The Contact Centre

Omni-Channel Engagement - 5 key questions for customer engagement

You’ll probably have heard of ‘Omni-Channel - it's been a bit of a buzzword to date but it truly is the new world of customer experience. But, what we’ve found is that there is some confusion about the difference between Multi-Channel and Omni-Channel.

This eBook will help you discover how Omni-Channel can:

  • Prevent online shopping carts from being abandoned.
  • Save customers from having to queue to speak to an agent.
  • Enable your customers to shift easily and seamlessly from one channel to another.
  • Serve less-internet savvy shoppers via Omni-Channel.
  • Improve overall customer engagement without headache implementations, investment and disruption.

PCI DSS compliance for Card-Not-Present payments

The industry has come a long way in addressing card fraud by locking down point-of-sale devices, increasing website security and introducing EMV and Chip and Pin. While CNP payments are big business across the retail sector, it remains the soft under-belly of the industry – and the criminals know this.

In our insightful eBook you can find out:

  • Who the culprits are and what they do.
  • What you can do about this threat
  • How effective CallGuard is in dealing with CNP crime

The Definitive Guide to PCI DSS Compliance for Contact Centres

What do you need to prove you can handle card payments securely — a black belt, a Michelen star, or maybe even the Nobel prize for security? The correct answer is PCI DSS. But what does this security standard really mean?

In our insightful eBook you can find out:

  • Where you are most vulnerable
  • How you can ensure cardholder data is secure
  • Who's going to say whether you're compliant or not
  • How to complete a Self Assessment Questionnaire
  • Can someone else provide PCI DSS compliance for you
  • How to maintain your level of compliance

Chatbots: Customer Service that never sleeps

We all recognise that customer engagement is the current and future battle field. It’s where brands will compete for customers’ time, spend and good reviews to propel them towards their financial goals and performance targets. As a result, we've put together a new eBook to explain how a Chatbot could help you.

The eBook will help you discover how Chatbots can:

  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Personalise interactions
  • Save money, extend hours
  • Extend capabilities
  • Enhance service

Third Party Support: Finding Support you can trust

Sooner or later, you’ll face the daunting decision about how and when to upgrade your call centre technology.

This eBook will cover:

  • Major trends in support contracts
  • How you can stay in control of your support
  • How to evaluate your options
  • What to look for in a support partner

Agent Desktop: Cloud-based Unified Desktop

When you have a lot of systems combining to form an agent desktop they become cumbersome to change and upgrading 100s or 1000s of desktops requires major planning.

In some cases you’d have to change every agent’s desktop individually if you were operating a thick client environment where software has to be loaded to each workstation.

This eBook will cover:

  • The cost of desktop disunity for contact centres and agents
  • How to get everything on tap... on a single screen
  • Three stand-out benefits of a unified desktop solution