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Deluxe Corporation
Compliance and uninterrupted customer engagement needs met with secure payments
Compliance and uninterrupted customer engagement needs met with secure payments


Industry: Financial Services    Employees: 5,886   Revenue: US$ 1.97 billion

Business: Financial services business partnering with small businesses and financial institutions, providing products services and advice to help them grow.

Challenge: PCI DSS compliance and maintenance of agent-customer engagement. Finding a solution that could be delivered in different ways.   

Solution: CallGuard Audio Tokenization On-Site and Cloud-based version


  • PCI DSS compliance
  • Uninterrupted agent-customer engagement
  • Scalable to grow with the business


Deluxe Corporation is a leading small business partner and advocate headquartered in Minnesota. They offer a wide range of custom products and marketing services that help small businesses succeed and grow. While Deluxe Corp. is known as one of the largest personal and business check printers in the United States, additional services include logo design, website development, hosting, email marketing, social media management, search engine marketing and fraud protection services.

They have 650 agents and another 120 agents in two wholly owned subsidiaries serving 4.5 million active small business customers and over 5,100 financial institution clients.


The nature of Deluxe’s business means that they need to take card payments over the phone through their contact centers and so now need to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

680 agents in their corporate contact centers as well as the 120 agents in a couple of their wholly owned subsidiaries needed to be compliant but had different requirements. The corporate agents needed an On-Site solution whereas the subsidiaries needed a cloud-based solution.

They also wanted to ensure that they could take such payments without compromising the agent-customer interaction or negatively impacting the customer experience. Being able to use the solution to take payments over both inbound and outbound calls was also a priority for their contact center operations.


Eckoh provide their patented CallGuard Audio Tokenization On-Site solution for the corporate agents and its Audio Tokenization Cloud for the subsidiary agents. Both solutions secure contact center payments and allows the agent and customer to remain in contact throughout the engagement. The solutions will be implemented at four locations – Santa Clara, Victoria, Cambridge and Midland.

CallGuard prevents sensitive customer data from entering the contact center environment and so it de-scopes the contact center from the scope of PCI DSS audit.

The solution uses audio tokenization technology so when a customer enters their card data on their telephone keypad audio tones are generated which match the card number. CallGuard replaces these tones with a different number, creating a ‘token’ which is then ‘spoken’ to the agent. This ‘token’ number is entered into the agent’s payment screen and when the transaction is ready to be submitted it passes through Eckoh’s secure platform where the ‘token’ is swapped with the actual payment card data and submitted to the payment processes (PSP). The PSP provides confirmation of successful or failed transaction at which point the ‘token’ data is wiped from Eckoh’s platform.

Deluxe currently has 100 agents that will be making outbound calls only to take payments. The solution will also enable outbound calls from agents to customers where payments may be required.

We’ve been in a close relationship with Eckoh for a number of years, so we know their credentials. We chose their CallGuard solution because it gave us the ability to deliver the same simple and effective solution in different ways to meet the needs of our contact center operations.


  • Agent-customer contact is retained throughout the engagement
  • PCI DSS compliance is achieved and more easily maintained
  • Choice of two delivery options for the same solution
  • Secure solution covers inbound and outbound calls
  • No real data is seen, heard, recorded or stored
  • Easily scalable to grow with the business as it adds more divisions.



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