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High End Retailer
Chatbot delivers order tracking that never sleeps better Customer Experience
Chatbot delivers order tracking that never sleeps better Customer Experience


Industry: Retail - Fashion                             Employees: 23,300                      Revenue: US$ 6.65billion pa

Background: Global retail fashion brand, present in over 40 countries, seeks automation to relieve contact center agents.

Challenge: To implement a solution without disruption to existing customer engagement delivery and direct customers to self-service as appropriate

Solution: Chatbot solution, through Teleperformance, to respond to general FAQs and parcel tracking


  • Good conversion to Chatbots within first month
  • Majority of customers report a “Good” or “Great” experience with Chatbot
  • Customers achieve their desired outcome within one minute


This client is a global leader in the design, marketing, and distribution of premium lifestyle products, including apparel, accessories, home furnishings, and other licenced product categories. They have more than 40 offices in 14 countries across the globe and is headquartered in New York.

Teleperformance is a strategic partner to the world’s leading companies, bringing solutions and enhancing customer experience during each interaction. They have expertise in Omnichannel solutions, technology, and maintaining the highest security standards.


Teleperformance were already providing the client with its customer service solutions. Following an analysis of the customer service and contact operation it was identified that 50% of Web Chat enquiries (powerd by Eckoh) were either for issues that were covered by their FAQs or were for tracking parcels.

It was understood that this didn’t contribute to improving the overall customer experience and that an automated solution would be beneficial. The client was keen to speed up the query resolution and help to steer customers towards self-service where it was welcome and appropriate.

They were also keen for the Teleperformance customer service representatives to be focusing on the more complex calls or attending to customers who were more in need of their personal help.


Eckoh, already a Teleperformance strategic partner for the past 5 years, were selected to provide their Chatbot solution, having already provided the client’s Web Chat and Email services. Initially approximately 60 customer FAQs were reviewed, categorized and optimized for Chatbot consumption (IBM Watson) using language analysts with 2,500 “utterances” trained to the Chatbot for launch.

The Chatbot was then developed against UPS and Royal Mail API to respond with parcel status when provided with a tacking ID.

The Chatbot was launched in December 2017, in time for the Christmas peak. In the first three months the Chatbot was taught a further 1,500 2utterances” through tuning, allowing it to better serve the customer. This improved the Chatbot’s understanding from 81% to 88% of customer intentions.

Multiple Chatbots have been deployed, capable of handling unlimited genuine interactions per day. They are used to respond to general questions or parcel tracking enquiries.


“Allowing customers to self-serve, where appropriate, with minimal disruption to their shopping experience is essential for us as a business. Reducing customer effort and streamlining the contact flow to front-line agents, will enable them to add more value to the customer’s service experience.” Contact Center Operations Director RLE-EU

  • 16% conversion of Web Chat interaction to fully agentless within first month
  • 92% of Chatbot customers report a “Good” or “Great” experience
  • 66% of Chatbot customers achieve their desired outcome within one minute
  • Agent interactions will reach 25% by June 2018


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