Ideal Shopping Direct

Taking the Pressure off Ideal's Contact Centre with Automated Orderline System

Ideal Shopping Direct Plc is a leading digital retailer, selling products to consumers via its television shopping channels and the internet. ISD operate four television shopping channels; Ideal World, Ideal Extra, Ideal & More and Create and Craft. Broadcasting to more than 23 million households in the UK; each channel is supported by a transactional website, which also streams the TV broadcast.


Ideal Shopping sells its products to consumers via the internet and its four television shopping channels: Ideal World, Ideal Extra, Ideal & More and Create and Craft - broadcasting to more than 23 million households in the UK. Television is a uniquely powerful selling medium for consumer products and services, and gives Ideal the opportunity to demonstrate products in detail, explain the story behind them and add an element of entertainment along the way. Ideal Shopping needed a way of managing the inbound telephone orders, simplifying the process and improving customer service.


Using advanced speech recognition and interactive voice response (IVR) solutions Eckoh implemented a solution to simplify the product ordering process and improve customer service. The service is fully integrated with ISD's database ensuring that up-to-date information on products, stock levels and membership details are available.

During periods of high demand and agent availability, callers are given the option of pressing 2 at anytime to beat the queue by using the Eckoh automated service. When 100% of agents are utilised, all calls switch to the automated service, which is scalable. Eckoh also provides the Customer Service line for ISD. Improvements have been recently introduced to allow new customers to register more easily and provide existing customers access to detailed information on product tracking.


The Orderline and Customer Service lines have provided ISD with the capability to deliver a much improved customer service.

"Customer service is a vital part of our strategy whilst maintaining operational efficiency and Eckoh have a crucial role to play in helping us to fulfil this. We are extremely pleased with the services that have been delivered and we're thrilled to to be working with Eckoh to extend the automated services for our customers."
David Peck, Head of Customer Service at Ideal Shopping