Rentokil Initial

Cleaners Ring Through Their Attendance Using Telephone Automated System

Rentokil Initial UK Cleaning is part of Rentokil Initial plc - one of the world's largest providers of business support services. Rentokil has been established for over 50 years. And throughout this period, Rentokil have invested heavily to maintain their status as market leader. Rentokil's prime objective is to develop lasting relationships with all their customers.

Eckoh provided Rentokil with an automate attendance logging solution that enables Rentokil to actively manage non-attendance and to aid compliance with health and safety regulations for independent working staff.


Rentokil Initial provides professional cleaning services to over 6,000 companies in the UK. A significant proportion of their cleaning operatives are classified as independent or lone workers. Managing the attendance of these workers was posing a challenge for Rentokil who needed to devise a solution to manage non-attendance and aid compliance with health and safety regulations for independent working staff.


In 2003, Eckoh in association with BT, deployed an automated attendance logging solution which enables Rentokil to actively manage non-attendance and help meet the necessary safety regulations. The automated self-service solution operates on a log in, log off basis with the employee calling into the service on their arrival on-site as well as their departure off-site. Upon receipt of each call, the service automatically applies a real-time stamp which is captured and consolidated into a daily report forwarded to the client. All event messages for a particular period are collated into a formatted report detailing and forwarded by email to the client on a daily basis. At all times, staff have the option to transfer through to a live agent.


  • Automates routine call types traditionally handled by live call centre agents - enables call centre agents to focus on value-add/complex calls
  • Eliminates manual employee attendance logging work
  • Capability to handle calls from 6,000 sites at ease, ensuring staff connect through on a no wait, no queue basis
  • Efficient management of employee tracking
  • Access to daily reporting of employees (arrival) and (departure) times and punctuality

Rentokil staff also commend the service as it is:

  • Fast, efficient, easy to use service
  • Staff can enter their details on a no queue, no wait basis
  • Services operate around-the-clock
  • Callers have option to transfer to a live agent if required