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Never lose another sale with anytime, anywhere service

Do your live agents spend too much time answering repetitive questions? Ever noticed that web visitors don’t complete a purchase? Has your basket abandonment rate gone up?

With a Chatbot your customers can enter their questions and get the answers they want - instantly and at any time of day or night. As it draws its answers from a Knowledge Base you can instantly add or change content to respond to business changes.

If the bot cannot answer a question, or the customer’s query is more suited to a human answer, the Chatbot can seamlessly hand-over to a live agent, passing the transcript and customer query to create a seamless conversation from Chatbot to agent.



Working with Eckoh

Chatbots are versatile and can link to a number of other customer engagement solutions within the Eckoh Experience Portal. With Eckoh’s Chatbot, you can even take a PCI DSS secure payment in the Chatbot window using the renowned ChatGuard solution. The card data is masked and is not recorded or stored in the system.

Eckoh’s Chatbot is safe to use and hungry for knowledge about your business. It’s available thanks to our collaboration with market-leading knowledge solutions, such as IBM’s Watson. What’s more, it’s Facebook Messenger compatible.

The added advantage is that this is delivered via the Eckoh Experience Portal which means you can easily add Web Chat as a complementary solution.

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How we helped UK high-end fashion retailer

Allowing customers to self-serve, where appropriate, with minimal disruption to their shopping experience is essential for us as a business. Using Chatbot to reduce customer effort and streamlining the contact flow to front-line agents, will enable them to add more value to the customer’s service experience.

Read more about how we helped this UK high-end fashion retailer

Here's the benefits

  • Customer service that’s always on, anywhere, anytime, on any device

  • Handle more customers at the same time and prevent queueing

  • Prevent live agents having to answer repetitive questions

  • Help customers to get to where they want to by signposting them to other self-service or Omnichannel solutions

  • Make it simple for customers to engage and resolve queries – fast

  • Facebook Messenger and IBM Watson compatibility allow you to engage across multiple platforms.

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Speak with one of our experts and see how we can help improve your customer engagement for the better.

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