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When the time comes to decommission, choose an expert

With any contact center, there will come a time when you have to change technology and remove old infrastructure, especially as space is at a premium. Contact center decommissioning is a complex process to manage, due to the volume and variety of technology used. From the networking and communication equipment, through power, storage, racks and cabling, the task calls for a team of experts.


Working with Eckoh

Contact center decommissioning of equipment requires the same exacting degree of preparation as new installations, in order that there is no interruption to the service, or impact on live equipment and cabling. Eckoh have the expertise and experience to deliver a professional and perfectly executed contact center decommissioning program for your organisation, regardless of the technology being removed. Our project management team will work with you in the planning stages, bringing you the benefit of our experience from dozens of contact center decommissioning projects. With Eckoh you’ll have on-site planning meetings with your staff, site audits to provide accurate estimates, a project plan agreed by both parties and a Statement of Work documenting the task to be carried out. We’ll also project manage and co-ordinate multiple suppliers as well as further tasks such as data cleansing, waste transfer certificates, transport and storage. Disposal of equipment will be carried out through qualified and authorized channels with a risk assessment that meets all Health and Safety standards.

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How we helped Dial-a-Cab

Eckoh did a very professional job, and I’ am very satisfied with the result. The details of the work were agreed to suit Dial-a-Cab business needs. Eckoh’s engineers were highly competent and thorough, the decommissioning work was carried out to specification and on time, and the documentation was all completed accurately. I would use Eckoh again in a similar situation.

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Dial a Cab

Here’s the benefits

  • Reduce costs of IT deployment and contact center decommissioning

  • Save valuable time by working with a single trusted supplier

  • Improve security when loading, transferring, wiping and archiving data

  • Minimise business disruption during complex IT projects and ensure success

  • Value-added IT recovery options - reuse, refurbishment or parts recovery

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Get in touch today and find out how we can help you decommission when the time is right

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