Agent Desktop – How A Unified Solution Can Help You

Desktop tool sets used to be highly customized, built to order, difficult to change and slow to evolve.

They were tailored to the needs of a particular business, a particular group of users, and the unique set of back-end processes and applications which were used in that business. But that’s all changed.

Agent Desktop: Unified to Meet Your Needs

We are now seeing a trend towards a single desktop solution which is accelerating among cloud services companies, hosting providers and large enterprises. Everyone now seems to want a unified agent desktop across the enterprise – contact center agents, back-office staff, managers and analysts. What’s more, it doesn’t seem to matter what your business is – the same unified agent desktop can now be quickly customized to meet your needs from the cloud, via a web portal, or on premise.

Dramatic Changes in Software

Business requirements and technological advances have converged to produce a dramatic change in the way software tools are delivered to users. Let’s start with the business driver. Software is moving to the cloud, or to hosted data centers (private clouds), and the big companies that used to sell software (Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, IBM, as well as communications companies such as Vodafone or West) are now renting software as a service. They need a model to deliver that software to thousands of users in a controlled way. The model needs to be quick to deploy and change, re-usable across multiple customers, and flexible enough to cope with different customer requirements such as integration with enterprise data systems.

Millenial Technology

At the same time, the rise of smartphones and multimedia communication has produced a generation of browser-based applications which allow rapid configuration and personalization (eBay, iTunes) and which manage content from almost any external system (Facebook, SalesForce, Pinterest). Everyone knows how to use a web browser, and every type of data can now be securely delivered in dynamically-updated HTML5 pages. So why not do everything in the browser, and avoid the need to open any other applications?

By connecting each user’s browser to a hosted web server via a secure connection, the same hosted software can be used to serve any number of users in multiple enterprises. What each user sees, both in terms of branding and functionality, can be configured quickly and easily. Connectivity is fast enough that there is no delay, whether data is coming from the cloud or from a local web service. Changes are made centrally, with no need to administer software on thousands of individual desks. In fact, you don’t even need a desk: the same browser-based experience can be provided on a tablet, a smartphone, or a TV set.

Innovation Across the Network

Coral Active Agent Desktop from Eckoh is a new zero-client desktop technology which is gaining ground in large enterprises and hosting providers. Others will surely follow. The most interesting thing about Coral Agent Desktop is the way it has revolutionized business models and user experience, becoming an enabler for innovation right across the enterprise.

Find Out More About Agent Desktop

If you would like to know more about how Coral Active is revolutionizing agent performance, or you have any questions about how a unified agent desktop solution could help your business then feel free to contact Eckoh us today.

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Posted by eckoh at 5:07 PM on Sep 10, 2015


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