Agent Desktop and Workflows: How Easy are Yours to Navigate?

The agent desktop should be a simple thing to use. Give each agent a screen, access to the tools they need, and with some training they follow the process and get the job done. Right?…Wrong!

Agents live and breathe the desktop. Yes, good agents will adapt, they will make the best of a poorly designed or inefficient desktop, but your business still pays the price

The business cost of inefficiency when attempting to navigate agent desktop can include:

  • Higher agent stress and lower job satisfaction, leading to increased agent turnover
  • Customer frustration when they have to repeat information they already gave to the IVR or to another agent
  • Lower customer lifetime value because of increased customer effort
  • Increased average handling time (AHT) when agents don’t have the information they need at their fingertips
  • Lower first call resolution (FCR) as callers become frustrated or agents are not empowered to help the customer

Common reasons for inefficiencies when trying to navigate agent desktop include lack of investment, lack of understanding of the agents’ needs, and lack of integration with back-end systems such as fulfilment processes and customer data.

We all know budgets are tight and margins are squeezed in the contact center industry. So how can you reduce these costs without eroding your bottom line?

The Eckoh Solution

The key to improving how to navigate agent desktop comes in two parts:

  1. Understand how your agents are using the desktop
  2. Applying independent expert knowledge to design improvements

Eckoh has been through this process with many customers. Our experience and independent, objective advice can help you to improve your desktop, empower your agents, and reduce your costs.

At Eckoh, we recommend the following steps to solve problems when attempting to navigate agent desktop

Service observe: sit with the agents, see what they see, hear what they hear, watch how they use the desktop

  • what applications they use and in what order
  • where they spend time getting information which is not readily available
  • where callers start to get frustrated
  • which processes or actions cannot be accomplished by the agent, resulting in a transfer or call back

Workflow Optimization: recommended changes to the contact center process, so that agents are able to resolve calls more quickly

  • make applications easier to navigate the agent desktop
  • Combine applications, or increase integration and data sharing
  • Suggest alternative or additional desktop software features to solve specific problems

Technology refresh; If the desktop isn’t really fit for purpose, advise on replacements or enhancements

  • Improve content or speed of screen pop ups from CTI
  • Automate processes such as email or SMS responses
  • Modify IVR or router applications to collect more data from the caller

Provide a detailed business report,setting out:

  • Current issues at the agent desktop, and the likely impact on your business
  • Options to resolve issues, and the cost involved
  • Short term wins, giving high benefit for low cost
  • Recommended technology roadmap for longer term improvements

How Can Eckoh Help?

Eckoh will provide the information to enable you to understand the inefficiencies at your agent desktop, and decide which areas of improvement are required for your business. As independent contact center experts, with no agenda to sell particular products or solutions, Eckoh will recommend what is best for your business, and will work with you to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your investment

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Posted by eckoh at 12:57 PM on Feb 12, 2015


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