Application Migration: Bridge the Gap or Your Treasured Apps Will Disappear

When you next move house, imagine something bizarre happens; CDs play backwards, the TV changes channels every five seconds, and your family photo albums are mysteriously blank.

This sounds like a goofy B-movie. But there’s an eerie parallel that can happen when you move to a new contact center platform or solution or try for an application migration.

Change is Exciting

There’s always an air of optimism when companies upgrade their contact center platform, move to a new solution, merge two technology stacks or transition to the cloud.

You’ve outgrown what you owned before. And now there’s a real chance to thrive in a new environment that fits your needs today. It’s been expensive, of course. But everyone feels positive and is raring to go.

But the problems can start when you try to unpack and reassemble familiar possessions that will complete your new world … important things, like your much-loved applications.

The Full Horror Becomes Evident

After your application migration, you need them all working immediately in the new environment. But they behave strangely. Key controls and features have either vanished completely, fail to work as expected, or even trigger a series of other problems.

It’s as if all that critical application behavior and functionality has fallen between the cracks during the move. Those hard-to-quantify nuances you’d delicately tuned over many years … that fitted your organization so snugly before and protected the customer experience … have vanished.

The trouble is, no-one can precisely recall how every detail worked previously, because proper documentation was never kept updated. And the people who knew how it all functioned may have left years ago. Restoring your application to how it should be is virtually impossible.

Bridge the Gap – Before you Lose Your Valuables (and Your Marbles)

Now it’s possible to perform an application but avoid this scenario, keeping all your application assets – and your sanity.

Solutions and integration specialist Eckoh has just published an e-guide that tackles this specific issue.

The guide explains how it’s possible to achieve a seamless application migration involving any combination of application, vendor, and version – old and new. An independent, third-party provider like PSS can bridge the gap, so everything migrates in one piece. They can bypass tricky proprietary obstacles and make the process seem effortless.

Download your free copy of the e-guide.

How Eckoh Can Help

We can provide the vital specialist services and resources in key areas such as blueprinting your application with testing and documentation before you perform an application migration. Then there are some smart tools and techniques for automated conversion, integration and testing.

As a result, your familiar, much-loved applications will work just as well in your new environment, so you get the best of all worlds.

Contact us to find out more about how to perform a seamless application migration

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Posted by eckoh at 5:07 PM on Sep 8, 2015


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