Are You Sending Your Agents into a Gunfight Armed with a Penknife?

In today’s competitive field, providing best possible customer experience has to be a priority. Rising expectations put pressure on Contact Center agents.

Customers are used to having instant information on their phone, seamlessly moving between text, email, social media, the net, oh and yes phone calls!

How can the agents keep up?

Business is losing the technology race. While customers thumb their iPhones and Android devices, nearly two-thirds of Contact Center agents still have to access 4, 5 or 6 different systems, using multiple screens and logins, to manage customer interactions. New channels such as email, web chat, text messages and social media have often been bolted onto older applications like telephony, CRM, ERP and knowledge management, performance dashboards and analysis.

Having to swap between all these systems leads agents to make mistakes, increases average handling times, produces data errors and reduces satisfaction for both agents and customers. Research shows that very satisfied agents, with better tools and lower stress, meet important customer-related metrics such as CSat, net promoter and customer effort scores twice as well as less satisfied agents.

Improving customer satisfaction means improving the way interactions are handled, and a key part of that is ensuring agents have all the information they require to meet customer expectations. Agent Desktop can help.

Agent Desktop: Browser Based Solution

An independent browser-based zero-client agent desktop can alleviate these issues by making it possible for agents to access disparate systems, navigate between them, enter data and view important information, all on one unified screen.

Coral Active is such a zero-client agent desktop. It’s scalable, quick to deploy, simple to maintain and so easy to change. Coral Active provides a single agent desktop that integrates with multiple CTI, ACD and CRM products.

100% browser based, with no software to install at the agent seat, Coral Active allows you to manage all administration centrally, with instant rollout and high stability across tens of thousands of agents. Its multi-tenant architecture means all features, graphics or layout can be configured for each tenant, skill group, or specific user. With open APIs, Coral Active can even integrate with legacy and custom built technologies.

Lets us help you with your desktop strategy.

To find out more about Coral download the overview.

If you would like to have a chat about any element relating to your desktop, get in touch today.

Posted by eckoh at 5:32 PM on May 30, 2017


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