Aspect® 9.2 and Aspect® 9.3 End of Life Options

While Aspect® 9.2 and Aspect® 9.3 has not yet been announced as end of life, some Aspect® customers are looking at upgrading to newer contact center solutions.

These may be unwanted or unbudgeted – especially when the existing technology is meeting current business needs.

Cost, Risk & Time

A further consideration is that would not be just a software release but involves major changes to the underlying hardware. This will involve cost, risk and a number of time-consuming internal change processes.

There is a Solution

PSS provides the gold standard for third-party support with a practice that provides expert unaffiliated third party support for legacy Aspect® 9.2 and Aspect® 9.3 which includes ACDs, IVR and dialers.

We provide support that saves you from:

  • Being pushed into and going to the “next” version
  • Being surprised by spiraling maintenance & support costs.
  • Not getting the level of service/interest you once did.
  • Having to consider a complete “fork lift” replacement the business cannot afford
  • Being told “Upgrading is the only option,” when there are real alternatives from Eckoh

Eckoh allows you to extend the life of these solutions that, in many cases still perform “business as usual” until you are ready to make a change.

We provide highly experienced technicians round the clock. With direct access to your equipment, network, and servers we can resolve any issues. If you need our staff on site we will be there within 4 hours as standard.

Design the Aspect® ACD support you need and save time and money

In 10 years of providing third-party support no one that has switched to Eckoh for support has ever gone back to their original provider.

Not only could you feel better about your support but typically cost savings are between 30-40%

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Posted by eckoh at 2:05 PM on Sep 14, 2015


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