BCBS companies lead way in medical data breach battle

Healthcare identity theft and fraud is a fast-growing threat in the US, but some insurance organizations are getting the diagnosis spot on and the remedy is working.

This summer Symantec sent a chill through the medical world with a warning that criminals are stepping up their efforts to steal health-related data, including sensitive patient information.[1]

Breach incidents are growing at around 10% each year, while the healthcare sector accounts for 18% of breaches across all sectors globally, according to research cited by Symantec.[2]

Meanwhile, Experian has warned that medical breaches are becoming an epidemic and medical identity theft can be harder to discover than other types of ID theft because it happens when someone steals another person’s identity to obtain medical services.[3]

Headline-grabbing statistics can feel a world away from the everyday experiences of healthcare providers and patients who've so far managed to stay unharmed. But medical fraud impacts everyone and causes massive damage.

"Healthcare fraud hurts everyone. In addition to higher premiums and increased out-of-pocket costs, healthcare fraud compromises health and safety, which can result in harm to patients, and undermines the public's confidence in the healthcare system," says BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS), which has been proactive in the battle against criminals.[4]

So what's the solution?
There's no single solution to healthcare fraud. Multiple approaches are required to defend against sophisticated hacking attempts, deal with ransomware demands, and lock down the Internet of Things (IoT), which seems to be widening the attack surface within healthcare generally.

But one key area that you can secure is your contact center and the risk of rogue agents taking customers' medical identity records over the phone and then using or selling them on to fraudsters. Sensitive details are often spoken aloud and seen on screen. They can also be stolen from call recording systems, or intercepted when transmitted through networks and systems.

Now there's a way to avoid these risks.

Never seen or heard
Eckoh has devised a way to stop sensitive customer data from being heard or seen by your agents and from being stored on your systems, including payment card details.

The company's CallGuard solution has won top security awards.[5] It's also been selected by a number of Blue Cross Blue Shield companies.

CallGuard finds a way for customers to enter sensitive details discreetly using their telephone keypad. Agents do not see the customer’s digits on screen or even hear the DTMF tones when the keypad is pressed (these don't appear in call recordings either). The call is continuous and the agent is simply notified when the data has been accepted.

What's more CallGuard has the ability to prevent sensitive data entering contact center environments at all - so there is nothing there for anyone to steal. This means you can de-scope your contact center from PCI DSS audit.

This approach delivers three major benefits:

  • It's fast, reliable and cost-effective: You don't need to create 'clean rooms', lock down desktops, or adopt obsessively-strict, expensive and stifling security processes for staff. You don't even need to make changes to your CRM or payment service provider.
  • Customers get a great experience: Callers will appreciate you're protecting their data. Calls don't increase in length and the agent is always on-hand throughout the process; there's no pause-and-resume nonsense.
  • Business flexibility: It's easier to hire and retain agents. You don't need to train and security-clear a special class of employees for sensitive tasks. Security no longer relies on the agent. With CallGuard, they can be based anywhere too — so they could be off-shore or working remotely at home.

Discover more - before the epidemic hits
According to analysts, the medical fraud menace isn't ending anytime soon it's accelerating. Why not follow the lead taken by some of the BlueCross BlueShield organizations.

If you’d like to talk to us about how we could help protect your BlueCross BlueShield business then why not give us a call on 866 258 9297 or, drop us a line at tellmemoreUS@eckoh.com and we'd be happy to show you how we could help.

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Posted by eckoh at 4:24 PM on Aug 3, 2018


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