Break free from the contact center support trap

Is worsening vendor support for your contact center systems being used to pressure you into upgrading? If so, there's an easy way out — and it could save you a fortune.

Having an older contact center system that's ticking over nicely is good news for your business, employees and customers. Perhaps your applications, operating systems, hardware and integration points may all be working just as well as they did on launch day?

And that's the way you want it. No fuss. No bother. Everything is stable, so you can use more of your resources on new support channels and features to keep customers satisfied.

But someone else may be grumpy about all this.

When good news is bad news
An older system that's repaid it's initial investment and is purring along smoothly is bad news for IT vendors that are itching to sell you their latest products and upgrades.

They've got their R&D to pay for and their quarterly sales targets to hit. And that shiny new product was probably developed with you in mind.

Of course, you can ignore them. But what happens if their attitude towards you starts to harden and their support for your existing solution begins to nosedive and costs escalate?

When suppliers lose interest
This souring scenario is explored in candid fashion by 'The Support-Sales Trap', an article by Morris Pentel, Chairman & Founder of the Customer Experience Foundation.

"Resources start to get stretched and updates and patches seem to take longer," points out Pentel. "Then suppliers seem to lose interest all together and start to adopt that tone: 'Ah, so you have one of those old ones’ ... like a waiter being asked for red wine with fish or some ketchup and brown sauce."

Getting treated in an offhand manner would be bad enough. But what happens if IT vendors decide to press the big red button and announce that official support for your tech is about to end?

It's this chilling prospect that can finally force an organization to prioritize a costly upgrade — at the expense of all those exciting projects they'd rather be running.

So what's the best way out of this fix?

How to break free
In his article, Morris Pentel underlines the value of high-quality, third-party support as a great way to find loyal and responsive expertise for older contact center systems.

Three reasons come through strongly:

Substantial savings: The right third-party support partner could save you 20-40% ... freeing up the resources your team needs for projects that add genuine value and improve the customer experience.

End-to-end fault management: The right support partner will have expertise across a mixed infrastructure, rather than being limited to a rigid solution set. This means they can take ownership of wider issues and fix them faster.

Smoother system transitions: Upgrade timings becomes your choice alone. And you may want to switch to a different vendor. If this happens, a third-party support partner can see you through the tricky crossover period, while a jilted vendor might have left you in the lurch or punished you with exorbitant support fees.

Taking control of support
Put simply, switching to the right third-party support means you're in control of quality of service and future transition timelines. You can get outstanding expertise across your IT environment without the costs and risks of traditional vendor support.

Here's that link again to 'The Support-Sales Trap' article.

For an in-depth look at third-party support, get your copy of our e-book Third Party Support: Finding Support you can trust. It examines the major trends in support contracts, how you can stay in control of support and what to look for in a support partner.

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Posted by eckoh at 1:19 PM on Feb 21, 2018


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