C T I. We all hate the acronym, but why?

It’s because it’s turned out to be an empty promise. Sound familiar?

The promise was a utopian call center - where the telephone could talk to the computer and display the right application at just the right time.We were taken in by the prospect of having all the caller’s information magically pre-populated so that our agents could cheerfully greet the customer.

We expected to be able to say “Thank you for calling us today Tony! I see you’re trying to order the new iPhone X, let’s complete that order and answer any questions you have”.

We eagerly anticipated the rewards of shaving precious time off the call handling, reducing our contact center’s AHT. Wow, if that had happened then automation would rule the day. Everything would just work together - seamlessly. Our IT Teams could sit back, put their feet up and watch the system take care of everything itself.

The reality is another thing…

The truth has become more of a nightmare. The apps are hard to integrate, the agent desktops have proven to be about as smart as a green-screen dumb terminal. Agents revert to using sticky notes and Windows Notepad, Alt-Tabbing between multiple apps.

Meanwhile the IT staff are pulling their hair out trying to keep all of these apps running, using bailing wire and duct tape to try to eek out a little bit of integration. But, every time they hear the promise of yet another desktop that will deliver the dream of CTI, you see them collectively roll their eyes. Another massive project – tons of work to integrate the apps, and for what? Another new app to support, more calls from the agents trying to figure out the clunky interface, complaints about failed integration and, yet again, the promise of CTI lets them down again.

So why is Coral different?

Coral’s approach to the desktop is dramatically different. Most desktops are either offered by, or geared towards, a specific vendor. Coral works with all of the popular PBX/ACDs (more acronyms) – Genesys, Cisco, Avaya.

We’ve worked with them all, giving us unrivalled experience in creating a unique, and effective, solution. That’s another difference with Coral – it’s a solution, not a toolkit like the vendor provided desktops with a skeleton app for you to customize. Customization requires developers, projects and time. Even when it’s done you have to push this out to all the agent desktops and cross your fingers that your testing was good enough. If there’s a bug – uh-oh, start the whole, painful cycle over again.

Since Coral is a thin client, you can roll things out in a more agile way. As a centralized solution most customizations can be done through configuration and even have different configurations for different groups.

Wanna do a pilot? Great – just put all your pilot agents into a pilot group. Then, the next time they log in, they get the new experience you’re testing out. As you don’t need to push desktop packages it’s just as easy to pull your pilots out of the group.

We’ve done this before, implementing Coral into some of the largest Telcos with multi-tenanted offerings to a single company with just a few units. We’ve proven that this solution works so let us prove it to you.

Try us out, just one 10 minute telephone call could change your future. Give us a call on 602 829 2030 or drop us an email and we’ll call you. Either way, it’ll only take you 10 minutes.

For deeper insight download our eGuide to unified desktop - How to have your cake and eat it.

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Posted by eckoh at 2:33 PM on May 3, 2018


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