Call Center IVR Solutions Are Still Frustrating Many Customers

Patronizing pre-recorded messages, long waiting times and rude operators are among the biggest irritations of customers, new research has revealed about IVR Solutions.

The survey which was conducted by Natterbox highlighted that just four per cent of customers are patient enough to wait for call center ivr solutions for more than 30 minutes to have their question resolved over the phone.

The majority of respondents (39 per cent) are only prepared to wait up to five minutes, with a further quarter (25 per cent) willing to hold for ten minutes.

In reality, 15 per cent of Brits said they have spent more than an hour on hold, with almost a half (42 per cent) reporting painful waits of more than 40 minutes.

Top five gripes about telephone customer service:

  • Being on hold for too long – 80%
  • Not being able to speak to an operator – 63%
  • Having to repeat customer details – 59%
  • Too many press one, press two options – 51%
  • Pre-recorded messages on how valued you are – 48%

Other major gripes about call center IVR solutions highlighted by the study include rude operators (38 per cent), being put through to the wrong department or person (31 per cent), having to call back (27 per cent) and annoying hold music (24 per cent).The survey also exposed internet providers as having the poorest call centers, with the majority of respondents (31 per cent) naming and shaming them as the worst for customer service. By contrast, banks were most likely to get it right, with the majority (34 percent) of customers saying they provide the best telephone experience.

In today’s fast-paced and socially connected world, customers don’t have the time or patience to wait on hold to get an issue resolved. A number of minor irritants can build up to a major headache and this can have a devastating effect on customer loyalty and the brand over all. Unhappy customers can lead to unhappy staff, which could result in staff turnover and additional costs in rehiring and training.

Given these returns,one would expect many organizations to jump at the opportunity to enhance their call center IVR solutions as part of their customer service. However, there are three primary reasons end- user organizations are not making investments,

  • Prospects are scared away by vendors pushing them to make major investments in expensive speech recognition-based platforms
  • Enterprises lack the appropriate resources available in-house and are trying to avoid using expensive professional services for an uncertain return
  • Users do not see a compelling reason to take a chance on disrupting what they consider a highly effective solution.

IVR is not new or fashionable. It’s perceived as a basic contact center solutions application that runs without requiring a lot of attention. Most contact center leaders would prefer to invest in new solutions, like speech analytics, rather than in their old IVRs.

The catch is that a small investment in IVR might result in major cost savings. Any organization that has not optimized its IVR application in the past three years should undertake an assessment to identify ways to improve the existing system and estimate the potential long-term benefits of optimization.

If you determine that IVR optimization would be beneficial, Contact PSS who can help deliver savings continually. IVR optimization should not be a one-time activity. Leading providers of call center IVR solutions continually strive to enhance the performance of their solutions; it’s part of their annual budget.

If the necessary resources are not available in-house, Eckoh as a hosted/managed service IVR provider can help enhance the operating environment will little up-front investment and risk. The world of IVR has changed dramatically in the past few years.

In the current business environment, when everyone needs to deliver MORE for a lower cost, speech solutions have an awful lot to offer – BUT ONLY when appropriately used and deployed.

Eckoh don’t just talk about the value and benefits of speech – they have been delivered to customers time and time again with great case studies that demonstrate the return on investment and end user satisfaction. The differentiator is because of the focus is on delivering value in the long term and not just in the initial period of delivering the project.

Eckoh understand what can and can’t be automated, understand where speech can add value and where it is an unnecessary and costly complication. The focus is to drive long term value rather than simply just short term benefits to sell speech technology licenses

We offer you a FREE evaluation where we will expertly assess the performance of your existing call center IVR solutions and pinpoint a strategic path that lead to improving customer satisfaction and the return on investment of the applications and technologies.

Learn about how we could help you achieve your business goals – contact us for a no obligation, informal conversation that’s completely free of charge so we can learn more about your challenges, objectives and priorities.

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Posted by eckoh at 3:06 PM on May 20, 2012


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