Call Flow Documentation Impacts Customer Experience

With customer expectations growing almost daily, making changes to your call flows to improve the customer experience will be a much more frequent occurrence.

It’s no longer acceptable to set up call routing or IVR menus and leave them unchanged for years as you may have in the past.

However, you may find that you no longer have up to date call flow documentation of some call flows. When you make changes, you run the risk of sending customers into a black hole or “IVR hell” leaving them with no option but to hang up and dial again.

Perhaps the person that designed the call flow documentation is no longer in the business or the changes made over the years may not have been as accurately tracked as you would have liked.

Time and Cost Increases

Not knowing what you have today makes it very challenging in specifying and scoping any intended plans to change or upgrade. This could lead a lengthier delay before any change can be implemented and higher costs of change because of the deeper investigation required before you can accurately price the work.

In extreme cases it can paralyze your business and make you reluctant to change.

Not Having the Resources

In most cases organizations although they may recognize the problem, do not have the resources to fix it. This may due to not having the skilled resource in house or they are too busy undertaking core BAU activities.

Eckoh has developed an approach to solving this common business problem by:

Collecting applicable sample / test accounts

Dialing into the IVR with multiple customer scenarios

Documenting the call flow

Evaluating whether prompts and paths are optimal for the caller

Additional test account criteria would be identified as the call flow is documented

Eckoh for Call Flow Documentation

Using Eckoh to document your call flows will put you back in control of your customer experience and allow you to make the changes you need when you need to make them without diverting resource from your core BAU activities.

Once you have done this you will be in a better place to make changes. We can help you further with regression testing to confirm functionality of changes, including transfer to agents, voice mail, or other termination as appropriate.

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Posted by eckoh at 2:43 PM on Dec 4, 2015


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