Call Recording Compliance – Don’t Wait For a Fire Drill

Is your call recording data backed up and securely stored for future retrieval? Of course it is. If you have call recorders, you are bound to have a way to test whether they are working, right?

Well, surprisingly, most call recorder manufacturers don’t provide this.

Are you really sure your calls are backed up?

So you will have a back-up, naturally, in case you discover that the calls weren’t actually being recorded. If so, that’s great – but you are unlike the banks and other enterprises we have spoken to recently.

In fact, a surprising number of enterprises have come to Eckoh with concerns over the reliability of their call recording compliance solutions, the need to test those solutions, and the desire to know that if those solutions fail there is a back-up in place.

The normal process for testing call recorders, and for making sure there is a back-up in case of failure, seems to be blind faith. Which is odd, because regulators are increasingly asking for proof of compliance, forcing you to demonstrate that you have adequate processes in place.

When did you last test your call recorders?

Can you remember when you last tested the process of retrieving call recordings securely?

It is best practice in IT to take back-ups, and to test those back-ups. The day you need the data is not the best time to discover that your back-up procedure doesn’t always work.

Even a process which used to work well may no longer be fit for purpose. We were recently approached by a customer to help retrieve call recordings from their back-ups to provide to the regulators. They had discovered that the recordings –from up to eight years ago – were archived on tape, and had to be retrieved manually – call by call, tape by tape.

How Eckoh can help?

Eckoh was able to provide nVoice an automated solution to retrieve these recordings, and to extend this solution to move all tape archives onto spinning disk in case of future need.

Unfortunately, by the time the problem was brought to us, the regulators’ original deadline was past so this became a damage limitation exercise.

You may be (or may think you are) storing your voice recordings in the best way to comply with regulations. You may have nothing to worry about.

Wouldn’t you like to be 100% sure? The time to test your strategy for call recording storage and retrieval is now, before you need it.

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Posted by eckoh at 2:11 PM on Feb 12, 2015


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