Call Recording Compliance: Ensuring Access to Historic Calls is Vital

You probably have many 1000′s of calls archived on magnetic tape. As the tape degrades you will lose this data, meaning you’re no longer compliant.

With regulators getting tougher on call recording compliance – do you have a plan to solve this problem? Call Recording Compliance is essential if you're going to keep your customers trust and avoid hefty fines from regulatory bodies.

Call Recording Compliance: Now You Can Adhere Simply and Easily

The reason you probably haven’t tackled this is because bulk extraction of call recordings is hugely expensive and highly prone to error. 

Also, the minute you touch the data, you eave yourself open to regulatory questions about tampering with the original files.

Trader Voice Bulk Extraction From Eckoh

  • Extracts all calls and meta data from tapes
  • Indexes and reports on the transfer process
  • Compresses & signs files to eliminate tampering, giving you confidence to destroy tapes
  • Automates tape drives, GUI and extraction process

Eckoh can significantly decrease the cost of bulk extraction from tape by automating the process. This dramatically reduces the project time-frame and virtually eliminates manual errors.

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Posted by eckoh at 2:16 PM on Oct 4, 2015


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