Contact Center Customer Experience is Far More Valuable Than You Think

Call Centers for Customer Service Survey from ICMI’s Top 50 highlights what real customers have to say about the service contact centers provide.

The results of the poll show that customers are more than willing to pay more if they are met with a superior customer experience. The results show that 85% of surveyed consumers in the U.S. said that they would pay more than the standard price of a good or service as long as they receive outstanding service during the transaction.

The poll breaks down the numbers even further, shining some light on exactly how much more those consumers are willing to pay for a great customer experience. The following statistics show the percentage above the actual costs that those 85% of respondents are willing to pay:

  • 76 percent would pay 5 percent or more
  • 55 percent would pay 10 percent or more
  • 27 percent would pay 15 percent or more
  • 10 percent would pay 25 percent or more

So what do all of these numbers mean? According to Tony Porter EVP Marketing, “I think these numbers highlight that even in difficult economic times, the customer still places a value on a getting a better customer experience and as a result are prepared to pay a little more to experience it.”

The thing to learn from this survey is just how important the contact center still is to the business. Those contact center employees are the people who interact with customers and are ultimately responsible for the level of service they experience. While all departments of an organization work together with the end goal of increasing revenue, this poll shows that the call center plays a bigger role in meeting that goal than many have previously thought.

Porter contemplates that “organizations could well be well advised to increase their resources within their customer service operations. Companies should re evaluate whether investing lots of energy and focus on the price points of their goods or services that may spark price wars with other vendors that could lead to impacting their overall brand value and invest more in the Contact Center Customer Experience which could according to the survey deliver improved margins”.

The added benefit of this shift in focus is for those contact center manager’s that increase the value of its operations to the organization as a whole, and provide an improved Contact Center Customer Experience will significantly help to build brand loyalty towards the organization and have a positive impact on bottom line numbers.”

So one of the ways to deliver a great contact center experience is to ensure that you have cost effective and powerful speech IVR solutions that will deliver real benefit to customers.

That’s where Eckoh can help. We don’t just talk about the value and benefits of speech – we have been delivering it to customers time and time again with great case studies that demonstrate the return on investment and end user satisfaction. The differentiator is because of the focus is on delivering value in the long term and not just in the initial period of delivering the project.

Eckoh understand what can and can’t be automated, understand where speech can add value and where it is an unnecessary and costly complication. The focus is to drive long term value rather than simply just short term benefits to sell speech technology licenses

We offer you a FREE evaluation where we will expertly assess the performance of your existing IVR solutions and pinpoint a strategic path that lead to improving contact center customer experience and the return on investment of the applications and technologies.

Learn about how we could help you achieve your business goals – contact us for a no obligation, informal conversation that’s completely free of charge so we can learn more about your challenges, objectives and priorities.

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Posted by eckoh at 3:06 PM on May 24, 2012


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