Only 44% of Customer Service Tweets Returned

A recent study reveals customers hoping to get a customer service question answered via Twitter may be disappointed as the top 25 retailers, only answered an average of only 44 percent of customer tweets at all.

The study reveals that most retailers are paying short shrift to quality customers who are both willing to spend more than the average shopper and who place enormous importance on quality customer service. A recent American Express Global Customer Service Barometer, said people who have used social media for customer service at least once in the past year are willing to spend 21 percent more with companies that provide great service.

It’s becoming clear that social media-savvy consumers trying alternatives to the Contact Center customer experience are an incredibly important segment of any company’s customer base, both because they have higher service expectations and they have wide broadcast networks for sharing their experiences with others, By failing to take Twitter seriously as a customer service channel, companies may be inadvertently ignoring some of their best customers at their own peril.

In the survey of the top 25 online retailers, only Zappos and L.L. Bean proved 100 percent reliable responding to every single tweet within 24 hours. Rounding out the top five most reliable Twitter performers were (replying to 98 percent of all tweets within 24 hours), Dell (98 percent), and Best Buy (89 percent).

Given the real-time nature of Twitter and users’ craving for immediacy, the study also revealed average response times for the five most reliable retailers. Zappos proved the speediest, posting an average response time of 54 minutes and 37 seconds, the only retailer to clock in at less than an hour.

Integrating Social Media into the Contact Center customer experience is a growing challenge.

The Contact Center customer experience is optimized for voice transactions and has other multimedia communications “bolted -on”. Properly integrating the very different social media interactions in a way that allows effective, standard and consistent is difficult. Social media is made up of many different internet based services including Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Each of these has a different format for communication and different rules around how the information is posted, responded to and delivered.

Simply buying a tool to monitor Social Media activity is a useful pointer to what is being said, but you need the Contact Center to effectively manage the responses. This is what allows businesses to protect brand value, manage customer opinion, and effectively handle “issues” and opportunities cost-effectively and can be a key business differentiator.

How Can Eckoh Help?

“Social CRM” as it is often called suggests that Social Media needs to be engaged and interacted within CRM. It absolutely does! But to effectively ACTION a complete response needs so much more than that. Social Media needs to be managed consistently and effectively just like any other customer “Touch Point” and needs to be channelled, processed and reacted to as a unique Touch-Point through the tools, processes and SLA’s already engaged within the Contact Center. In other words, Social CRM means Social Media Injection into what Contact Centers are already doing for other multi-media interactions.

There are many tools that already monitor and evaluate appropriate Social Media information, however there are few if any, that actually consolidate and integrate these interactions in to the operation of the Contact Center.

If you would like more information about our contact center customer experience integration solutions or would like to discuss how your organization can benefit from our Social Media Practice contact us for a FREE no obligation consultation by giving us a call on 1-866-258-9297.

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Posted by eckoh at 4:07 PM on Jun 17, 2012


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