Contact Center Managers: Remove Your Blindfolds!

Spending all day, every day more or less consumed by the vagaries of the “contact center world” can sometimes lead to the development of a particular blindfold to the points of view of those on the outside of this world.

Who Has the Prettiest Uniform

Of notable concern and interest are those who, either by choice or by force, have found their job descriptions suddenly involve looking after their organization’s “unified contact center capabilities” or other such jargon-filled descriptors.

More often than not, these individuals find themselves mired in a bog of technical capabilities, theoretical advancements, vapor-ware, bloat-ware, and white papers, which, if ever sorted through properly, only leaves them with a toxic cognizant dissonance about the whole topic. Feeling confused, abandoned, or in some cases singularly isolated, their decisions often get made the same way my 13 year old daughter picks teams in the NCAA Basketball tournament—by who has the prettiest uniform.

Maintaining Self Preservation

So what’s a person to do when confronted with what seem like the conflicting realities of self-preservation and embracing the contact center world?

Don’t panic. PSS are an independent 3rd party integrator and support organization specializing in contact center solutions. From legacy support and upgrades to platform transitions to green field design and build and modern telephony support, our expertise is platform agnostic. So whether you’re faced with supporting a 15 year old system that’s out of warranty and support, or evaluating if “moving to the cloud” really makes sense for your contact center, we can help.

Making an Informed Decision

Our consultants have years of experience supporting and developing solutions for contact centers of every size—from a 6 agent shop to 20,000 seat geographically dispersed centers, we’ll provide unbiased advice and assistance, to help make sense of everything in the bog and help you step in from the outside with confidence. To find out more, give us a call today on 1-866-258-9297.

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Posted by eckoh at 3:54 PM on Aug 4, 2015


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