Contact Centers – and How to Avoid a Backlash From Your Ex

Imagine being forced to take your ex out to dinner every night for six months – at a time when they are extremely unhappy with you and determined to make life awkward!

They order lobster and champagne (because you’re paying) and whenever you say something – they ignore you.

Sound Familiar?

This scenario may raise a few knowing smiles (and possibly trigger a few horrific flashbacks!). But something similar can happen in the contact center context – when you decide to update your contact centers technology and go with a different vendor.

The decision has been made and the whole contact centers excited about the new features and capabilities on the way, even if there’s plenty of hard work ahead. Usually, it’ll be months before your new solution is up and running in your contact centers. In the meantime, you’ve got to thrash out some kind of support for your old system – and keep things ticking over with your previous vendor.

But there’s a problem. Your once-friendly contact centers vendor turns frosty. Firstly, they’re miffed because you had (rightly) ignored their warnings about how the world would explode if you left them. And now you’ve switched your affections to an arch rival. Why should they bother to help you any more? There’s nothing in it for them. In fact, they’re more interested in other customers who will ‘value them’.

High Maintenance, Poor Experience

Procurement directors and call center operations managers may feel the backlash. Prices for extended support during those final months can suddenly rocket. Yet quality of service slides alarmingly. Your ex-vendor becomes slow to respond – and this impacts your uptime. Instead of being free to focus on the readiness for your new solution, you’re mired in a mess with the old one.

For some contact centres, this scenario can seem unavoidable … just a case of gritting your teeth and bearing it all, even if it costs you dearly.

I know of other contact centres that have completely refused to cave in. One of them tried to ‘wing it’ and do without applications support completely for those final months. But their systems failed spectacularly and they then faced the worst scenario of all – having to grovel to their previous provider and pay through the nose to switch support back on.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Take a look at our e-guide ‘Why juggling relationships when updating your contact centers technology often ends in tears’. It’s refreshingly honest about the problems but equally practical about how to get around them.

A Cheery Card at Christmas

The guide explains how you can ensure your old infrastructure runs smoothly and cost-effectively in the critical months before you move to new call center technology. With a trusted, third party support partner in place – for however long you need – you’re suddenly free to give all your attention to preparing the way for your new solution.

No more agonizing sessions with the Ex. Perhaps just a cheery card at Christmas.

To find our more download your free copy of the e-guide click here

If you’d like a chat about this or any other support issues in your contact centers, call us today on 1-866-258-9297

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Posted by eckoh at 3:34 PM on Aug 5, 2015


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