How’s your contact centre coping with the snow?

Don’t give in to the weather – enable your agents to take Secure payments and serve customers from home

Just when your customers need you most your contact centre goes out of action. Maybe it’s the ‘beast from the east’ or a storm of another name but the outcome is that agents can’t get to the office, customers need you more than ever and your competitors could be sneaking the lead on you.

Your customers expect you to be there when they want you. They may need you for urgent assistance or just want to renew their road side assistance as bad weather hits. Your contact centre is the frontline of customer experience so if it’s not available your customers will go elsewhere. Getting them back is an uphill battle.

But, you don’t have to give in to the forces of nature. Why not enable your agents to work from home? Save them the tedious, risky and distracting journey to the office by providing them with an online portal so they can carry on delivering the same customer experience - no matter where they are.

With Eckoh’s hosted solution agents can…

Eckoh’s Experience Portal – the weather proof solution

Take Secure Payments - secure hosted and PCI DSS compliance payment solutions for automated Self-Service or Agent-Assisted secure payments as well as Alternative Payments – Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal over the telephone.

Offer Self-Service - for Self-Service options for those that prefer to sort things out for themselves.

Engage via Omni-Channel solutions - engage with the latest tools such as Chatbots and Live Chat, share your customers’ experience with Co-Browsing and Call-Back and keep on top of what they’re talking about on social media.

Simplify Agent Desktops - lighten your agents’ lives with all the tools they need presented in a unified desktop solution – no more logging on to multiple systems, just seamless, simple access.

What’s more our Third Party Support for contact centres means you don’t need to rip out existing technology, our third party support can help you extend the life of your contact centre platform until you’re ready to make the move.

Take a deeper look at any of these elements with our handy eGuides

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Posted by eckoh at 12:04 PM on Mar 1, 2018


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