Is your contact center the panto villian?

Is your contact center more of an Ugly Sister than a potential princess? If so, take action — before you hear the boos coming from customers.

Meet Cinderella

People often refer to the contact center as the Cinderella of any customer-facing organization. Maybe we're actually thinking of the unsung heroes inside — the loyal agents who handle all the calls? After all, they do much of the hard work of managing and retaining customers, but may not be properly recognized or paid enough.

The job of any under-appreciated agent can be made even tougher if organizations fail to notice the pressure they're under. There may be many obstacles preventing your agents from being able to 'go to the ball' and shine like they should.

Here are three reasons why this happens:

#1 Too much mopping up

If your IVR is behaving badly then the poor Cinderella-like agent feels the rage of frustrated customers and has to clear up the mess.

#2 Extra chores, every day

Agents often face the morale-sapping hassle of switching between multiple systems and screens to answer customer enquiries — unless a fairy godmother steps in to give them a unified desktop.

#3 Missing the right tools

Without omni-channel service, organizations are leaving many customers disappointed — and agents are starved of the right tools to do a sparkling job.

Contact centers can sometimes rumble along like this for years, as agent morale starts to slide and customers drift away. It's a sorry tale. But things can turn really nasty when money is involved.

Enter the panto villain

Any fine work performed by the Cinderellas can be overshadowed by problems with taking card payments. That's when contact centers can morph into the Ugly Sisters.

Things can go awry when agents take card payments over the phone. Unless processes are really locked down and secure, then there's always the risk of card-not-present (CNP) fraud if any rogue agents decide to steal and misuse card data.

There's no fairytale ending when this happens. In fact, any data breaches can result in fines, brand damage and a loss of trust among customers. Your best days will probably be 'behind you'.

But simply purchasing a standard PCI DSS solution to ramp up card payment security isn't always the answer.

This slipper won't fit!

PCI DSS is a standard that fits self-service web payments and face-to-face transactions very well. But, it’s a much more awkward to meet in a contact center dealing mainly with telephone payments.

Not only are contact centers different sizes and shapes, they also contain very different components, such as outbound diallers and CRM solutions, which cannot easily be shoe-horned into a standard, inflexible PCI DSS solution. Some of these components may not even be physically located in the contact center, so squeezing them into a pre-defined PCI DSS solution is a struggle to say the least..

Put simply, one-size solutions do not fit all merchants. So instead of making PCI DSS compliance easy, you can spend a fortune, waste hours of time and still end up with a solution that doesn't fit and feels ugly to everyone. On top of that, you may still be vulnerable to data breaches. It's the worst of all worlds for you and your customers.

This one fits just right!

The answer is to find a PCI DSS solution that wraps around your business without constraining it — so it feels as comfortable as a glass slipper. With the right payment security partner, you'll be able to use customizable components that integrate with whatever systems you use.

Phone payments become ultra secure and easy to manage. Your agents can put their best foot forward, walking hand-in-hand with customers in total confidence. Of course, it goes without saying that everyone will live happily ever after.

If you're looking for the best path to PCI DSS compliance for your contact center, then download your free copy of our definitive guide to PCI DSS.

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Posted by eckoh at 9:10 AM on Dec 14, 2017


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