Contact centers: The shape of our industry in 2018

It's often difficult to get a true picture of what's happening within the contact center world. The media tends to focus on data security breaches and customer service meltdowns, while trade shows reflect what vendors would like us to believe — rather than what's really happening within our day-to-day operations.

Eckoh is in a unique position to present a clear picture of our industry in 2018 and around contact center technologies in particular, as they impact in-life customer service.

We work with dozens of organisations with contact centers the world over, from small 25-seat boutique operations up to global outsourcers with tens of thousands of agents. We see a wide range of capabilities, requirements and technologies play out.

While every contact center is different, patterns emerge — presenting common challenges and opportunities. This Executive Briefing pinpoints these and suggestions the best approach.

The briefing will cover:

  • How to recognise where your contact center is on it journey
    • What drives the adoption of new technology
    • When to consider new technology
    • What to look for in new contact centre technology
    • What consumers really want
    • What should be your next move

We hope you'll find our advice helpful and we wish you every success in 2018 and beyond.

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Posted by eckoh at 5:03 PM on Mar 27, 2018


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