Customer power: Threat or opportunity?

Are you finding today's customers more demanding, volatile and ready to flex their muscles? If so, then a new e-Guide will help your contact center to engage with them not as enemies but as allies.

Customer service has come along way in a short time. Today, big data is used to refine the customer experience, social channels are increasingly popular and many companies are committed to building long-term relationships with consumers.

So it's tempting for enterprises to think they're in charge more than ever before simply because they know more about their customers and can do more for them.

But this is an illusion.

More powerful technology, deeper market insights and greater visibility of alternative services are now all within easy reach for customers. So they're better equipped to shine a light on you, rather than the other way around. And they've got countless ways to broadcast their verdict too.

Getting used to new realities
The new era of customer control can be hard to handle : It's painful if customers tell you that:

  • They're frustrated they can't reach you 24/7
  • They never expect to be kept waiting
  • You should be hiring more staff to take their calls
  • They're sick of repeating the same information over again
  • If your agents complain your systems are slow, do something about it
  • Company X serves them well, so why can't you do the same!
  • If you don't satisfy them, they'll tear into you on Facebook
  • So how comfortable is your business and its contact center strategy with the big shift in power in favour of customers? And are you ready to face up to difficult questions?

    Take the quiz

    A new Customer Power e-Guide from Eckoh is challenging companies to play ‘opportunity or threat’, a simple quiz to explore how they really feel about who's in charge today.

    The questions touch on issues such as having your service rated by customers, how you feel about the kind of digital experiences customers crave, and whether you're prepared to hand over some of your control and let customers self serve if they want.

    Defensive mode

    When customers become more demanding and harder to please, there can be a natural instinct for companies to withdraw ... becoming ultra-defensive, more remote and less helpful.

    Even within organisations, executives might play the blame game. This can happen when enterprises get burned by customer power through feedback surveys, online reviews, negative media stories and falling revenues. Contact center chiefs can blame IT for having old systems, the CIO can hit out at Finance for slashing budgets, and the CFO can point to previous badly-managed projects that failed to deliver any meaningful return on investment. The CEO despairs.

    Defensive mode is understandable. But it's not helpful.

    Thinking positive

    If customer power is here to stay (and everything suggests it's gaining strength) then it makes sense to go with the flow rather than try to turn back the tide. Better still if you can harness customer power and provide the kind of engagement your audience will value.

    Eckoh's e-Guide points the way forward for organisations that realise it's better to become allies with customers ... even if that means taking a fresh look at your engagement channels, IT strategy and how departments work together.

    The first step is simple: Just put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Think like them, talk like them and collaborate with them. Don't try to beat them ... join them.

    Here's that link again to the Customer Power e-Guide download your free copy today.

    If you'd like to talk more about this or any other issues relating to customer power, why not give us a call on 866 258 9297 or email us at

    Posted by eckoh at 3:17 PM on Aug 7, 2018


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