Customers – what do they look like?

What are your characteristics, habits and preferences? Once you’ve listed those you’ve got just one customer profile – your own. Remember you’re a customer too. But, is everyone like you? Disappointed as you may be, it’s unlikely. So how do you get to know the rest?

If we’re honest with ourselves the typical customer doesn’t really exist. But, as businesses that’s quite frightening because it means we don’t really know who we’re targeting or how to reach them.

But, keep calm and look around you. Look, listen and learn. Many people have not set habits, they do things spontaneously, off-the-cuff, on a whim. And then, just when you think you’ve understood them, they suddenly change.

There’s millions of them out there
There are so many different stimulants today and we’re all bombarded with information, images and offers – on all our devices. So it’s no surprise that we start to filter out what is not important to us. This in itself varies with age, tech know-how, our ability or disability to do things, the time of day and what happened when we tried something the last time.

What drives our choices of engagement?
There are five simple influences that lead us to our choice of engagement option

  • What we’re doing
  • What device we want to use
  • Where we happen to be at the time
  • What’s available where we are
  • How we feel at the time

There’s an old saying…

You need to meet all these demands, no matter where the customer is or what time of day it is – even if it changes. The saying used to go…’you can’t please everyone, all the time’. Well, now you have to do just that.

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Posted by eckoh at 9:18 AM on Jun 1, 2018


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