Need to escape - from a 'forced' contact center upgrade?

"You can take it or leave it!" Ever had that said to you? Maybe the last time it happened was after you complained about a terrible meal at a roadside diner? But have you ever heard it from your contact center technology vendor?

Take-it-or-leave-it is an example of a Hobson's Choice, a phrase attributed to 17th century stable owner Thomas Hobson, who let customers pick a horse — so long as it was the one nearest the door. Henry Ford followed suit by offering any car "as long as it's black", so it's often claimed.

In essence, what appears to be a free choice is no choice at all. And today, something similar is happening in the contact center arena.

'Switch now or it's adios'
Every organization has its business goals which are supported by some kind of IT roadmap. But in the contact center industry, technology vendors sometimes attempt to call the tune.

A Hobson's Choice emerges. The technology vendor says you must either:

  • Upgrade now to their new platform, even if it flies in the face of your own company objectives, financial plans and customer service vision. Or,
  • Stick with your current system but lose official support — or pay a small fortune for the privilege of extended maintenance and, in practice, get a less committed service.

It's no wonder that American organisations can feel pushed into choosing the first option, even if messes with their corporate goals and IT roadmap. The prospect of losing their normal support is terrifying, even if they feel forced into an expensive 'fork lift' system replacement with no real business benefit.

The real alternative
Fortunately, more companies are realizing there's an alternative — third party support. What's more, finding an expert support partner doesn't mean you simply sustain what you had already ... there can be outstanding business benefits too.

Here are five advantages of partnering with the right support provider:
#1: Extended lifespan for your technology
With systems experts stepping in immediately, the moment vendor supports ends, you can stick with your own business objectives and roadmap. Simply keep your system going and upgrade when it suits you — and no-one else.

#2: Greater system stability
It's a nonsense to think that only the vendor understands their systems. The right third-party partner will have deep experience in your particular system, knowing its quirks and capabilities, with professionals familiar with diallers, IVR, the desktop, applications and everything else.

#3: Superior support
The best third-party support partners will offer greater flexibility — and will likely prove more responsive that vendors. Today, you can expect everything from 24/7 support and instant remote diagnosis, through to full managed services, with monitoring, testing, on-site resources, application support, advice on new technologies and more.

#4: Innovation from your existing system
Even though your existing system may be dismissed by some people as ancient, you'll find that an expert support partner will know how to maximize its performance, activate new features and integrate other tools that breath new live into its functionality. This is great news if you're wanting to extend your multi-channel or omni-channel capabilities.

#5: Significant savings of 30-40%
What's startling is that some support partners will provide ultra-competent services for a fraction of the cost of the official manufacturers. This makes the switch to a third-party partner even more compelling.

Discover more - get the guide
For a deeper look at the topic, get your copy of Third Party Support: The Very Different Option. This guide examines and compares support choices in detail... so you know vendor support isn't the only option. A real alternative exists.

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Posted by eckoh at 12:15 PM on Oct 23, 2017


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