Flexxbridge in the Cloud: Integrate Information Sources into a Single SOA-based Format

FlexxBridge in the Cloud™ Gives Fast and Simple Way for Developers to get free access to a cloud-based development tool at FlexxBridge.com

FlexxBridge in the Cloud™, is a SaaS version of its successful premise-based FlexxBridge solution. The new cloud-based development environment gives the developer community a more open, consistent and flexible interface to bring together disparate information sources to create next-gen voice, wireless, and web-based applications. Eckoh is offering access to the development tool at no charge.

Our years of experience on the frontline helping companies aggregate multiple information sources has highlighted that most of the available tools are complex and costly. With our premise-based solution, and now FlexxBridge in the Cloud, we’re passing our expertise forward to the developer community. By using the tool, developers eliminate the need to configure the development environment as well as learn multiple, complex interfaces so their applications can ‘go live’ more quickly and incorporate it into their portfolio of go-to development tools.”

The new cloud-based integration tool gives developers a consistent interface to aggregate information sources into a single SOA-based source format (XML, WSDL, SOAP and others) without any configuration. Developers useFlexxBridge in the Cloud to simplify and streamline the integration effort by using a consistent SOA-friendly integration point. As a result, companies leverage their existing expenditure without having to completely rewrite applications, greatly decreasing the time, risk, and cost involved in integrating both internal and external information systems.

Eckoh brings years of experience providing application design, development, support and integration services for the contact center. The company’s premised based solution, FlexxBridge Integration Server™ software, is in wide use today by companies who rely on it to provide a consistent SOA-friendly integration point across multiple IVR, CTI and web applications. Current customers utilizing FlexxBridge include some of the world’s largest financial institutions, utilities, telecommunication providers, healthcare systems, government agencies and airlines.

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Posted by eckoh at 5:12 PM on Jun 26, 2011


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