Home Agents Offer Significant Benefits

More and more companies are now realizing the benefits of a smarter, flexible working policy, enabling their call center agents to work in locations that suit them best.

The satisfaction of Home Agents has shown increases of 4 -10 points and overall operating expenses dropping by between 10-30% due to improved retention. So what’s driving this migration of at Home Agents?


One factor is financial, by utilizing home agents, companies can limit the extra space required during periods of expansion or to meet property reduction needs when contracting.


Home agents also offer the flexibility to 
 scale up the capacity of the contact center during periods with unexpectedly high levels 
 of demand, as agents who work from their 
 home can be brought online more quickly.

Job Market

Where companies are located in tight job markets, 
 or where there’s competition for experienced contact center agents, home working enables them to recruit outside their geographic area.

Retention and Satisfaction

Home agents can save themselves cost and time. Studies show that by eliminating commuting, effective take-home pay is increased by up to 17 percent,1 and 50–60 hours per month are returned to employees’ personal lives.2 Those who are disabled also have new opportunities.

These and other advantages of home working 
are raising employee satisfaction (ESAT) scores in many organizations by 4–10 points.

This “happiness factor” also translates into benefits for employers in elevated attendance 
 and loyalty. Customer experience is likewise enhanced. And retention is improved: A report from At Home Customer Contacts showed a 
 20–50 percent annual increase in retention 
 among its clients. In an area often challenged 
 by high turnover, this advantage alone is a 
 game changer.


The environmental benefits can be added to 
 a company’s corporate social responsibility statement. By reducing the amount of commuting that employees do to get to work, the overall CO2 emissions for an organization can be significantly reduced.

However one of the challenges organizations face with this expansion is the use of the agent’s desktop. Conventionally this has been through using thick-client CTI which not only creates performance issues but requires labor intensive installation and setup in each agent machine whenever updates are required

The Eckoh Agent Desktop

The Benefits of are;

  • Complete freedom from desktop deployment
  • Desktop / Operating System / Device “agnostic”
  • “Standards based” and easily extensible
  • “Multi-tenanted” – allowing Service Provider/Cloud-based functionality
  • Real-time
  • “On the fly” configuration
  • Competitive pricing

With the new solution the SoftPhone Agents are able to use headsets connected to their Desktops to perform VOIP-based functionalities such as Answer Voice Call & Email, Call-back, Chat, Web Collaboration, Conference, Transfer, Hold etc. by leveraging the existing multimedia capability of the system resources at a fraction of the cost of a traditional contact center.

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Posted by eckoh at 1:58 PM on Mar 26, 2015


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