How IVR Can Work For The Customer and The Provider

Whilst automation delivers benefits to the enterprise, customers are not interested in using automation unless it is tuned to be

IVR: The Customer User Interface is Key

  • Fast
  • Simple
  • Easy

There has to be something of VALUE in using the IVR automated service for THEM to encourage them to use it

CONVENIENCE is a large influence in choosing to use a service or not

IVR: The Benefits

The cost of handling a call in a Contact Center is approx $7 - $10 a call including all the labor related overheads and training costs of employing a Contact Center agent.

The cost of handling a call with an IVR solution is less than $1 a call.

These savings are only achievable if the customer actually uses the IVR solution. To get them to sue the system at all it must be FAST, SIMPLE and EASY to use and represent a convenient way to transact their business at any given time.

Voice-driven systems can significantly improve the overall operating performance of virtually any organization that operates a call center. Today’s speech-enabled applications allow customer-driven companies to reduce call length, hold times and other service-related costs. The largest cost in Call centers is the investment in Human resources, and therefore even small reductions in the average call length will yield substantial savings in operation costs. Speech-enabled systems can be deployed to automate many mundane call center processes. This allows agents to focus on more challenging tasks, where they can add more value, thus boosting call center productivity while simultaneously improving employee satisfaction and reducing staff attrition. Typically the following Savings are common:

IVR: Improved customer service.

Studies have shown that IVR speech-enabled applications boost both customer satisfaction and retention. A voice-driven application allows the organization to present a customized, highly responsive user interface that will keep the customer interested and satisfied, while leading consumers naturally to the desired information or transaction. Because IVR systems eliminate many of the constraints posed by the touch-tone interface, companies can use speech-enabled technologies to automate existing services and to introduce new and lucrative service opportunities.

The challenge with the call center concept is that all calls are treated equal and handled on a First IN /First OUT basis, irrespective of who the caller is and why they are calling. IVR enabled front ends to the call center can use the rich speech interface to interrogate the caller to identify who they are and why are they calling? With this information the call center can use Business rules to prioritize which calls they answer first and use the appropriate resource, Agent or Self-Service as necessary. This indeed can be used to provide customized and personalized customer service to the end user customer, to make them feel special.

IVR, the Eckoh Solution

To do this you need long term IVR PRACTITIONERS, specialists in delivering automation. Knowing what applications to automate having the expertise and skillsets to ensure what they deliver is what is required and in a convenient way to the end users. Eckoh’s expertise is in utilizing a set of common development practices and processes to ensure that what is delivered is effective and USER FRIENDLY= FAST, SIMPLE & EASY to use.

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