[Infographic] Why good call-routing design matters

For organisations with multiple sites and departments, managing detailed call flows can be quite difficult. Various consumer surveys have shown the impact that call-routing design has on their experiences.

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This original infographic created by Eckoh illustrates the findings of several studies into self-service and customer service experiences. It also presents Eckoh's intelligent call-routing solution (EckohROUTE) statistics.

Statistics include:

  • 78% of consumers abandoned a transaction or did not made an intended purchase because they were incorrectly routed.
  • In a global survey of approximately 3,000 consumers, 40% said they prefer self-service to human contact for general enquiries- 60% still like to speak to an agent for a more detailed enquiry.
  • 96% of all EckohROUTE calls successfully routed through to the correct destination, compared to an industry average of 84%.
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Posted by eckoh at 4:19 PM on Nov 2, 2015


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