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Chatbots - what’s there to be scared of?
Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Fear is a funny thing. Sometimes it can drive us forward to get us out of danger and sometimes it can hold us back, crippling our decision making and preventing creativity and innovation.

Chatbots scared of 900

The answer to fear is understanding.

Knowing how a chatbot will work, what it will do for you and how it will be maintained is a critical first step in assessing whether chatbots are right for you.

Let’s take a look at banishing your fears…

Feeding your Chatbot

As a machine your chatbot will need to be fed with information so that it can process this to create the right responses. For most people this is as far as they get because they can’t conceive of building their own Knowledge Base. But you don’t have to because others have done it for you. Experts like IBM who built Watson have created general knowledge bases, and Eckoh is experienced in creating more specific knowledge bases for its customers.

By keeping the chatbot’s responsibilities to simple tasks, you will be able to build a Knowledge Base yourself using template solutions. Believe us, it’s not rocket science and you already have all the answers and know the questions that most of your customers ask: checking their balance, querying delivery times or wanting to update their details. That’s all the knowledge you need.

Haven’t we been here before with IVR?

If you think this all sounds familiar, you could well be right. Some years ago we all embraced IVRs (Interactive Voice Response) as our way of delivering better customer self-service while cutting down on agents and costs. And, there are many similarities between chatbots and IVRs. A badly built chatbot will be no better than a badly built IVR. But, done right, chatbots will deliver better customer service while cutting down on agents and costs.

The main difference between a chatbot and an IVR is that we’ve learned a lot along the way and we now have a much better understanding and far greater knowledge of what our customers want, how they want to be served, and the technology they prefer to use.

We’ve also learned that you can’t just plug this in. It needs to be built to suit you and your customers, to meet customer expectations by providing a helpful and consistent experience.

To find out how to use Chatbots successfully with your customers, download your free copy of the download the eGuide Chatbots: Customer service that never sleeps. With Chatbots and other smart engagement tools, it's possible to improve overall customer engagement dramatically and get a speedy return on investment without vast capital investment.

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