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Five predictions to shake up contact centers in 2019
Thursday, 03 January 2019

The world of contact centers is set for a big shake-up in 2019. That's the verdict of an Executive Insights report from Eckoh, which picks out five pressing issues and reveals how companies must respond to stay competitive.

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The start of 2019 is a perfect time for contact center directors to pause for breath and see how far they've come and how far there is to go.

Contact centers are at the sharp end of customer service. So often, agents do the heavy lifting when it comes to increasing loyalty, boosting sales and rescuing customer relationships.

But 2019 could be a watershed moment. That's because soaring customer expectations, advances in technology and new ways of doing business are all pressing in hard on the contact center. The old ways of handling engagement just won't cut it any more.

To discover more about what's likely to be ahead, take a look at 'Five predictions to shake up the world of contact centers in 2019' and the accompanying advice offered by Eckoh.

Topics explored include:

  • Why more companies will want something like their own Siri or Alexa in 2019. What's more, they may discover the answer exists within their contact center.

  • The steady decline of humans in the world of customer service virtually everywhere in pursuit of lower costs and the rethink that's required from companies.

  • The arrival of chatbots in a surprising place, where people embrace them as part of their everyday working lives.

  • Why people's hunger for personalization whenever they interact with companies is likely to result in disappointment.

  • Why frictionless payment methods could lead to a big boost in sales in 2019 for companies that choose the right solutions.

'If anything, the pace of change within customer engagement could accelerate in 2019,' said Tony Porter, Head of Global Marketing at Eckoh. 'It's more volatile than ever. Some technologies are embraced overnight, others struggle to get going because they miss key elements, and bold new ideas can fuse different tech together. That said, the relentless desire for choice, speed, convenience and security among consumers remains a constant.

'It's essential that customer-facing organizations ensure their contact center strategy is in tune with the underlying trends within the marketplace rather than crossing their fingers and hoping they've got it right. This report identifies some important shifts that companies ignore at their peril.

For more detail download your free copy of ‘Executive Insights: Five predictions to shake up the world of contact canters in 2019’. Alternatively, if you’d like to talk to us about this give us a call on 866 258 9297 or drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Ashley Burton

Ashley Burton

Head of Product Ashley joined Eckoh in 1999 and has covered a range of roles including project management, business analysis, data warehousing and mobile application development. Ashley is Eckoh’s Head of Product and is an evangelist for the world-leading technology solutions that Eckoh delivers. Ashley leads and curates Eckoh;’s product roadmap, fostering innovation throughout the business. Ashley identifies emerging technology and applies it to contact centers to improve customer experience, realize Omnichannnel solutions and deliver outstanding engagement and trust.

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