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Is your contact center the fairest of them all?
Monday, 10 December 2018

Does it feel like it's Christmas in your contact center every day? If so, then you need to find a fairy tale ending — by taking a seat for 'Snow White and the Seven Personas' ...

Panto Snow White 900

Most people like to escape from relatives or cabin fever over Christmas and New Year. But spare a thought for contact center staff who spend their lives dealing with the daily boos and hisses of customers, while enduring slapstick, comedy and farce.

So what's going on? There's one fairy story that springs to mind — with a twist. We call it 'Snow White and the Seven Personas'. Grab some popcorn and watch what happens...

(If we had a magic wand that made your screen go all wobbly and transported you to a magical kingdom far away, then this is when it would happen.)

Act #1: Ousted from the palace

In our story, the customers are on the throne. However, an arch villain has cast a spell over them all. Everyone is terrified of a wicked witch called Soaring Expectations.

With her retro outfit, Snow White doesn't stand a chance. Once upon a time, her contact center was the fairest of them all. But now she's shunned. 'Your best days are behind you,' people shout.

She's noticed that customers aren’t buying as much, they’re abandoning their shopping baskets, hanging up rather than waiting to speak to someone and not returning as often.

Snow White's team are pulling their hair out trying to navigate between different systems to get the information they need to deliver a slick customer experience. It all takes too long and the
customers won’t wait. Everyone complains.

Our heroine feels like running away to a dark forest and never coming back.

But there’s hope.

Act #2: Winning new friends

In the classic fairy tale, Snow White's fortunes change when she makes friends with a bunch of quirky characters. In our tale, she encounters Seven Customer Personas.

If she wins them around, her nightmare will end. So let’s meet them…

She really doesn’t like speaking to anyone and would prefer to sort things out for herself. So IVRs are helpful and natural language speech recognition lets her use her own words, Chatbots give her the information she wants, and automated payments leave her in control. Oh, and she wants to do all this at any time of day – or night.

Contact Center Selfie Customer

He doesn’t really get on with technology and so likes
to speak to someone instead. He can get confused with
IVRs and menu options, no matter how sophisticated or simple they are. But he’s happy with a telephone or a Web Chat service because he’s engaging with a real person.

Contact Center Needy Customer


He's so busy and always on the move, changing channels whenever he wants to –
from laptop to tablet or a phone, then moving to
Web Chat, SMS, Social Media, Email or Self-Service.He expects your systems to know what he’s been asking about, wherever you engage with him on his journey.

Contact Center Switcher Customer

He's a techno-nut who likes to use the latest anything, whether it’s any device, eWallet payments, voice control or biometric authentication. So, he's going to need the very latest technologies – something that provides customer engagement or secure payment solutions all in one place, and he'll expect the latest channels to be available - fast.

Contact Center Trendy Customer


This one is fastidious about her data and is aware of card fraud. She wants secure payments. So, when it comes to paying for things, she wants to be reassured that no one can see or hear her card data — or risk it being stored anywhere on systems or call recordings.

Contact Center Careful Customer

She wants answers immediately. She's a nightmare for contact center agents who are trying to do their jobs with a jumble of different systems with different logins which all cause delays. If only agents had a unified desktop to bring it all together – what a difference that
would make to Restless.

Contact Center Restless Customer

Just recently, the contact center has had a few technical issues — which sent this person into a tailspin, worrying about whether he'll lose all his data and account access. The trouble is, he knows the support for his contact center technology is coming to an end and the vendor is trying to force him to upgrade, even though there's no need. He really needs affordable third party support to step in and fix all the annoying bugs and keep it going for longer!

Contact Center Customer Who Panics

Act #3: Claiming the kingdom

Carried shoulder-high by her seven friends, Snow White returns to the palace.

But she's not alone. At her side is a handsome prince with all the tools and skills to do her bidding instantly — and face down her enemy.

With his help, Soaring Expectations is magically transformed from a wicked witch into a happy princess. The citizens of the land swear undying loyalty ... and all is peaceful in the kingdom.


Taking a bow...
What's the moral of the story? Well ... if you love
your seven customer personas and give them what they’re expecting, then your contact center will live happily ever after.

To do that you’re going to need the help of a handsome prince, a leader in contact center technology solutions ... someone just like Eckoh. With Secure Payments, Omni-Channel, Self-Service and Unified desktop solutions as well as renowned Third-Party contact center support, we can rescue your contact center from turning into a poisoned apple.

We don't see ourselves as the stars of the show ... that's your role. We're the helpful stage-hands in the background, looking after the lighting, props and special effects.

To find out how we can transform your customer engagement, so everyone can live happily ever after give us a call on 866 258 9297 or drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Tony Porter

Head of Global Marketing Tony has over 30 years’ experience in sales, marketing and business development and currently leads these activities for Eckoh in both the US and UK markets and across all sectors. Tony’s role focuses on helping contact centers to improve their customer engagement, making them convenient and secure for consumers to use. He understands the challenges organizations face around PCI DSS compliance and how to make the Omnichannel contact center experience a satisfying reality. He is a regular speaker at events on topics such as PCI DSS, GDPR, contact center technology, IVR solutions, self-service, secure payments, marketing and business development.

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