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Teach an old dog new tricks? Yes Sir!
Thursday, 25 October 2018

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Contact Center

As the consumer takes greater control over how they engage with an organization, so the number of different contact channels and devices they choose to use rises.

Teach old dog tricks 900

Because of this, many organizations want to extend the life of their older communication systems to maximize their investment and balance the cost of the plug-ins.

The trouble is, can you really teach an old dog new tricks? Will your contact center be able to cope with all these new add-ons or will it crash and burn? Given the importance of these older systems, having world class support and appropriate spares to keep them operating is vital.

Even Gartner recognizes that leveraging the expertise of third-party maintenance companies can help organizations get the most out of some of their biggest IT investments.

The research shows that third-party maintenance support is an average of 60% more cost-effective than a contract with the original equipment manufacturer, and in some cases that number can be as high as 95%.[1]

So, if you’re feeling pressured into upgrading your contact center technology, or are being told that support is no longer available because the manufacturer has declared the technology to be end-of-life, then don’t feel you have to dance to their tune. There is an alternative.

Whether it’s your IVR, ACD, Dialer or Call Recorder, Eckoh can support it. With the need to keep up with the latest innovations, and the shortage of IT resources, stable technology that supports mission critical business functions is more valuable than ever.

If you think that because you have a legacy system you may not find spares for it, Eckoh has it covered with 1000s of multi-vendor parts in stock so we can extend the life of your systems and replace the parts that need it keeping them up and running for longer.

Eckoh is experiences and expert at supporting contact center technology and can provide third-party support that in all cases provides better support than you are used to, and at a lower cost. Not one of our customers that has come to us for support has ever gone back to the original manufacturer.

So why not put yourselves in the hands of the experts who know how to train old dogs to do new tricks?

For deeper insight take a look at our eGuide ‘how to find support you can trust.’ Alternatively, to find out more about our support services give us a call on 866 258 9297 or drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


[1] Gartner Competitive Landscape: Partnering With Third-Party Maintenance Providers for Data Center and Network Maintenance Cost Optimization – July 2017



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Tony Porter

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