Is your IVR ready to leave home?

There's a time when most youngsters yearn to spread their wings. Others need a gentle push. But is now the right moment for your IVR to leave home — and flourish in a hosted space of its own?

Maybe your interactive voice response system was born in the 2000s, grew up with its own room in your home and has always been first to answer the phone if anyone called?

Perhaps you look back on your IVRs early steps with warm memories: Watching as it took its first call, reciting those early simple menus, and played call-waiting music from the era?

But over the years, has your well-behaved IVR become the bad boy of the family, demanding everyone's attention, expecting lots of money and even tarnishing your reputation a little?

Is it time for a change?

Joking aside, there are some striking parallels between the reasons for helping a young person into their first apartment and finding a secure hosted space for your IVR.

Even if your IVR has been with you for years, maybe now is the moment to find an IVR specialist who will design, build, host and manage your IVR platform in the cloud, or in a private data center?

Here are three reasons why it could be right time for a move.

Reason #1: "I need to live my own life"

One big reason for youngsters to leave home is they feel held back. They want to live life to the full 24x7, manage their own money and do new things.

And something similar can be true with IVRs. To thrive in today's world, they need to be able to offer self-service features and other options to customers that are either easier to deliver or may only be possible with a hosted IVR.

Suddenly, life could really take off for your IVR as it provides a natural speech-enabled experience to customers, automated payments, general service and location information or customer feedback that can combine with live help solutions to contribute to the Omni-Channel experience as well as handling PCI DSS secure payments with ease. It's a proud moment for everyone watching on.

Reason #2: "I need to save money"

Saving cash is often a reason for youngsters staying on at home rather than forking out for rent.

In the IVR world, on-premise solutions can still be cost-effective — especially if you move away from expensive vendor support and switch to a cost-effective third-party alternative.

But hosted IVR technology offers some outstanding ways to save too. For example, SIP telephony can reduce your call costs immediately and an advanced IVR system can work across your whole business, bringing offices and employees everywhere together, which is great for cost reduction and productivity.

Typically, costs with hosted IVRs follow a subscription model, so there are no massive capital investments to worry about either.

Reason #3: "I need to be in control"

While some youngsters may use their family home as a hotel — complete with room service, cleaning and taxi rides — real control only comes when they move home and get to make the big decisions.

Sometimes companies can be reluctant to switch to a hosted IVR solution because it means letting go of control, but the switch can actually free up valuable time and resources.

When someone else is managing your IVR, you're spared from many daily hassles. Adding new capacity can be easy. You never feel forced into spending a fortune purchasing a new system simply because that suits a vendor's roadmap. You pay a simple monthly operating cost, which makes life simpler and more predictable. In fact, you may feel more in control than ever before.

Are you ready?
Moving can feel daunting. As with any youngster leaving home, it's best to get lots of advice first before switching to a hosted IVR.

Just make sure you get it from a trusted, independent and experienced source — someone who can explore the business case for you and be completely honest about whether it really is the right time to move on.

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Posted by eckoh at 3:02 PM on Aug 21, 2017


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