My IVR is up, and customers are responding to prompts—with voice and DTMF. My agents are taking calls. And I haven’t the foggiest idea what they’re doing in that “black box”. IVR Reporting can be challenging at the best of times.

Everyone Wants Something Different

So let’s start by being fair. IVR reporting is a giant black hole. Marketing wants one thing. Ops wants another. IT is asking for something so foreign that you might turn to Google Translate for help. What do you do?

First…breathe. This is not an insurmountable problem. It will take time and effort to be sure. If you haven’t launched your new IVR platform, that’s great news, because you can take the time…now…to clearly define what you need from IVR reporting. If you have launched, that’s also great news, because now you have to take the time to understand what your platform can deliver.

First, to the “haven’t launched-ers”: this is the only “best time” to do IVR reporting correctly. The code isn’t completed. The IVR routing strategies aren’t completely nailed down. Your marketing team are still trying to figure out the demographics they want to know about. And IT really doesn’t care beyond how many gigs of storage they need to spin up.

What Are Your Needs?

So…THINK. Spend some time—like a serious amount of time—talking about what your IVR reporting needs are. Not just what you do today. What you want to do tomorrow. What you can’t do today that would be just awesome IF you could do it tomorrow. Our team often facilitates this sort of discussion. Think about the metrics you’d love to have in a perfect world. Because the chances are, at this point, a perfect world is possible.

Now, for all who have launched their new platform and realized that the IVR reporting is, well, less-than-adequate: don’t panic. Nobody can promise that it will be cheap…or easy. (Really. Nobody can.)

What Can Eckoh do to Help.

BUT, we can help you get over the hurdle. Eckoh coding expertise and platform level programs such as nTtelligence will help you drill down into you existing data and pull out the IVR reporting and the metrics you’re looking for. At the end of the day, the data is there—whether you need help pulling it out of your logs or slicing and dicing it to get the business intelligence your business partners want (or demand), our team is skilled in creating a solution that meets the need.

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Posted by eckoh at 3:23 PM on Apr 9, 2015


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