IVR Solutions Are Being Overlooked For Major Optimization Benefits?

Are voice self-service IVR solutions considered mission-critical? Or are they taken for granted by business managers?

The value proposition is clear enough and profitable. When interactive voice response (IVR Solutions) applications are well designed, properly implemented, and appropriately maintained, they can automate in the region of 20 percent to more than 90 percent of incoming calls.

Without automated IVR solutions the majority of businesses would hit a financial issue should they had to hire agents to handle these calls.

And yet IVRs are frequently taken for granted and resources diverted away from them. Scores of businesses have IVR Solutions that were implemented years ago and only refreshed when something went wrong or if the business changed direction or need thus releagting IVRs frequently to the non-essential pile by C level execs.

The success and dependability of many IVR solutions have caused them to be perhaps to be under valued. Technology staff take them for granted because the systems generally do not require a great deal of support to keep them in production. However, while call processing continues without interruption, the vast majority of IVRs.

It is estimated that over 80 percent of IVR users around the world can improve automation rates and dramatically increase customer satisfaction simply by investing in routine optimization of their IVR solutions.

Think about this – if an IVR was installed more than three years ago and has not had an overhaul of its script or voice user interface since then, it’s time for a full health check.

An organization receives 1 million calls per week. This organization has an IVR that automates 60 percent ofits calls—600,000 weekly. The variable cost per agent-handled call is $5.50. If as little as 2 percent of the remaining 400,000 calls per week were automated, an additional 8,000 calls from agents would be displaced.

This would save the organization $44,000 per week or nearly $2. 3 million per year. At the same time, service quality would increase and complaints would decrease.

Given these returns,one would expect many organizations to jump at the opportunity to enhance their IVRs. However, there are three primary reasons end- user organizations are not making investments,

  • Prospects are scared away by vendors pushing them to make major investments in expensive speech recognition-based platforms
  • Enterprises lack the appropriate resources available in-house and are trying to avoid using expensive professional services for an uncertain return
  • Users do not see a compelling reason to take a chance on disrupting what they consider a highly effective solution.

IVR is not new or fashionable. It’s perceived as a basic contact center application that runs without requiring a lot of attention. Most contact center leaders would prefer to invest in new solutions, like speech analytics, rather than in their old IVRs.

The catch is that a small investment in IVR might result in major cost savings. Any organization that has not optimized its IVR application in the past three years should undertake an assessment to identify ways to improve the existing system and estimate the potential long-term benefits of optimization.

If you determine that IVR optimization would be beneficial, Contact Eckoh who can help deliver savings continually. IVR optimization should not be a one-time activity. Leading IVR Solutions users continually strive to enhance the performance of their solutions; it’s part of their annual budget.

If the necessary resources are not available in-house, Eckoh as a hosted/managed service IVR provider can help enhance the operating environment will little up-front investment and risk. The world of IVR has changed dramatically in the past few years.

In the current business environment, when everyone needs to deliver MORE for a lower cost, speech solutions have an awful lot to offer – BUT ONLY when appropriately used and deployed.

Eckoh don’t just talk about the value and benefits of speech – they have been delivered to customers time and time again with great case studies that demonstrate the return on investment and end user satisfaction. The differentiator is because of the focus is on delivering value in the long term and not just in the initial period of delivering the project.

Eckoh understand what can and can’t be automated, understand where speech can add value and where it is an unnecessary and costly complication. The focus is to drive long term value rather than simply just short term benefits to sell speech technology licenses

We offer you a FREE evaluation where we will expertly assess the performance of your existing IVR solutions and pinpoint a strategic path that lead to improving customer satisfaction and the return on investment of the applications and technologies.

Learn about how we could help you achieve your business goals – contact us on 1-866-258-9297 for a no obligation, informal conversation that’s completely free of charge so we can learn more about your challenges, objectives and priorities.

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Posted by eckoh at 2:40 PM on May 19, 2012


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