Nortel PeriPro: Do You Still Have the Apps?

Did you invest a significant amount of time, money and effort building voice applications with “Nortel Peri Pro” formerly created by Periphonics / Nortel, and now Avaya for the MPS or VPS/is IVR platforms?

Were the applications developed internally yourself, or externally – by Avaya / Nortel or a third party? Are you struggling to keep these Nortel PeriPro applications up to date and business relevant? Are you looking to move away from this proprietary application environment to a standards-based environment like VXML? Do you want to enhance your Nortel PeriPro applications by adding integrations to additional communication channels like SMS, IM, mobile, chat and Social Networking?

No Resources to Make Changes

Most organizations struggle with this for a number of reasons. You may not have the internal resources to make changes, and if you do it could take months, not weeks – assuming you have someone with the level of experience to undertake the project.

One of the other challenges is that typically the design documents were written many years ago when the IVR was originally put into production, at best they are out of date, and worst case is they don’t exist at all.

It may be that these issues cause you to be slow in responding to business requirements like regulatory changes, latest IT updates, or sometimes security issues in another area of the business that affects the IVR.

The Typically Suggested Solution.

The solution from most providers is to require you to significantly upgrade the current IVR or in some cases move to a totally new product set. As an example you may want to get your IVR to work with or support a web services environment, which with most vendors will require a new product set.

There Are Nearly Always Alternatives to Buying a New Solution or Purchasing a Major Upgrade.

PSS has developed an application framework, tool set and best practices that can be used to convert legacy Nortel PeriPro applications to open standards VoiceXML. The same tools and practices can be used to extend the life of your current IVR solution – updating documentation, making it easier to respond to business needs, enabling enhancements w/o the requirement to spend money on vendor upgrades, etc. Our unique background in supporting not only the applications, but the hardware, integration points (telephony, network, data) and operating systems (Unix, Linux, Solaris, Windows) gives us the ability to provide unique solutions other companies simply cannot provide.

As an example, our App Centre tool reduces the development time by an average of 40% and provides a rapid development process for updating or converting proprietary IVR applications to open, standards-based IVR applications.

In another situation we were able to save a customer multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars in speech recognition costs by enabling them to use MRCP to connect legacy IVR to the latest speech recognition software.

Nortel PeriPro: Let Eckoh Help You

So if you want to reduce the time it takes to enhance/change Nortel PeriPro applications for your IVR; or you want to reduce costs related to the support of the IVR applications; or you want to be more responsive to your business needs; or you want to move to a VXML based IVR – you should reach out to Eckoh. Over 50% of our staff, including the Company President – Todd Funk started with the Periphonics organization. Periphonics IVR Support (Nortel / Avaya – MPS & VPS/is) has been our core business for over 10 years. Let us partner with you to create the unique IVR Application Support Engagement Model your business requires.

If you would like to chat with one of our Nortel PeriPro experts contact us

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Posted by eckoh at 2:37 PM on Feb 6, 2015


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