Not yet convinced about PCI DSS compliance?

Recent survey commissioned by Eckoh and carried out by Contact Babel reveals some very interesting evidence that not all contact centers are complying with the PCI DSS.

Of those contact centers taking payments only 84 – 90% were actually compliant. While that can be seen as positive, it does highlight that there is still room for improvement – for everyone’s benefit.

Ask yourself this ‘is my contact center compliant every minute of every day?’ If not then this blog and the free PCI DSS Definitive Guide is just what you need.

Why you could be too much of a risk to your customers…

Data breaches continue to happen as sensitive card data remains hot property plus, thieves and hackers get smarter. Almost daily it seems there has been another breach, customers’ data has been exposed and the organization is in for a hefty fine and damaged reputation.

Remember AT&T was fined $25 million in 2015 over data breaches at call centers in Mexico, Colombia and the Philippines. [The New York Times April 2015]. While a single employee at Saks & Company stole 22 card numbers and made $400,000 worth of fraudulent purchases. []

If you hold, process or store sensitive customer data you could be vulnerable to a data breach. So making sure that the data is not available to anyone means you can reduce this risk.

Being proactive

The business case for protecting your contact center, agents and customers is compelling.

Demonstrating a professional attitude to contact center operation and your intent to protect customer data and your business reputation will demonstrate your responsible approach to your duty of care.

Breaches can result in massive fines, loss of customers and damage to your reputation. All of which will impact your revenue and business success.

Customers are more and more aware of the risks and are actively seeking to do business with those that demonstrate security. Some 60% of customers would stop doing business with you if you exposed or lost their sensitive data. Can you take that risk?

Do you know where you’re vulnerable?

From the moment sensitive card data enters your environment you’re at risk. Before you even think about storing, transmitting or processing it.

The culprits fall into three groups

Hackers - attack your systems directly or they use malware, phishing scams or social attacks. Their methods are increasingly sophisticated. They could be after card details or call recordings where numbers were read out.

Rogue agents - working alone within your contact center may want to steal card or personal data for their own gain or to sell on.

Groups of agents - within your contact center may have criminal connections and may steal information on an industrial scale.

So, find out all you need to know in our free PCI DSS Definitive Guide to help you understand what it’s all about and how compliance can actually help. There are technology solutions that can help you reduce your exposure to these risks, protect customer data and your business.

To find out more about how Eckoh’s Secure Payment solutions can provide these advantages for your business, give us a call on 866 258 9291 or drop us an email at

Posted by eckoh at 10:55 AM on Nov 23, 2017


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