PeriPro and MPS Developer Lift and Load Solutions

You’re fully aware that your PeriPro and MPS Developer applications are built on outdated technology. But your in-house developer has had the system humming along smoothly and making the occasional vocabulary update.

They may have even made minor bug fixes, and added a new feature or two. You know an upgrade to a next-gen platform is inevitable, but timing and planning the upgrade frankly makes you sit bolt upright in bed at 2 a.m.

Problems, Problems

It seems impossibly difficult to coordinate the platform decision, the conversion, the installation, and the testing, particularly when your call center agents (a.k.a. User Acceptance Testers) are already working overtime to handle call volume. So you punt…the system is working fine anyway, right….

Then your in-house developer walks into your office on a Monday morning and turns in their two-week notice. Maybe he’s off to the Maldives to open a surf shop with his spouse. Doesn’t matter why…but now you’ve got a huge problem.

Lift and Load Operations

PSS has executed dozens of “lift and load” operations over the last 10 years, transforming outdated PeriPro applications to next-gen Genesys or Holly platform applications running pure VXML, blended VXML/Java or VXML/.net. The challenge of transforming your existing applications quickly without loss of functionality and connectivity to your back-end systems can be daunting. Using our expertise, tool box, and world-class data connectivity tools (such as FlexxBridge and FlexxGate), we can successfully transform your Peripro applications to VXML on Genesys or Holly quickly, including CTI connectivity, web service data connections, and even mainframe compatibility.

We recently completed the conversion of a major insurer’s group benefit information IVR system to a hosted Genesys solution. The business problem was to avoid any disruption to the claimant’s ability to get details about their benefit. The conversion included two distinct multi-lingual applications that queried a back-end database via .net/asp. The system was successfully converted, tested, and deployed into production within 90 days, resulting in no customer downtime and improved caller experience derived from the Genesys platform.

How Eckoh Can Help with PeriPro and MPS Developer

Eckoh's multi-platform technological expertise can be leveraged against your contact center concerns very quickly. Whether it’s replacing the in-house PeriPro developer who’s off to the Maldives, or converting the applications he maintained to a modern scalable platform with robust capabilities, the Eckoh team can efficiently deploy a solution to meet your business needs.

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Posted by eckoh at 3:04 PM on Mar 18, 2014


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