Reduce Agent Churn To Save Money And Customers

What would it save your company if you could reduce agent churn by 10%, 30% or 50%?.

We recently spoke with a contact center manager whose agents take up to 18 months to complete all the training required in his multi-skilled environment. The average agent retention period in this contact center is around 13 months.

You Do The Math

Simple maths is enough to show that this situation does not produce a lot of experienced agents.

The impact on customer service is obvious. How much better would your customer service be if your agents were more experienced? Most contact centers are concerned with aiming to reduce agent churn for several reasons – cost of recruitment, return on investment in training, and resource planning, as well as customer service.

There are many reasons for agent churn, but one of them is job satisfaction. Contact centers put a lot of effort into keeping agents happy, creating a comfortable environment: one of the areas often neglected is the agent desktop environment.

Agents live and breathe the desktop, they spend six hours a day or more clicking around the screen or twisting their fingers into keyboard shortcuts. An optimized desktop makes the agent’s life easier, as well as directly increasing the speed and accuracy of customer service.

Refreshing Your Desktop Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Refreshing the desktop used to be an expensive option, but now with HTML5 technology and ultra-thin clients, changing the desktop is a relatively quick and simple way to improve customer service. A modern desktop such as Coral Active can offer short-term ROI through a combination of benefits:

  • Reduce the cost of rolling out changes
  • Provide a single integrated desktop for all applications
  • Deliver a flexible “look and feel” for multi-client or multi-skilled contact centers
  • Simplify agent workflows to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction

Eckoh Can Help With Coral Active HTML5 Agent Desktop

Imagine a desktop where everything is presented in a browser window, information arrives instantly with the call and is automatically updated during the call, changes can be rolled out or rolled back centrally, training can be provided immediately, and every aspect can be configured to match the call type or agent requirements. Wouldn’t that keep your agents happy? And reduce agent churn?

Coral Active is one way to tick all the boxes: AHT, FCR, NPS……And, your agents will love it!

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Posted by eckoh at 12:50 PM on Mar 20, 2015


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