Remote Agents: Bringing Them in From the Cold

How do you cope with peaks in call volume to schedule enough staff during peak forecasts, and then have back-up resources when needed?

Contact Centers are increasingly looking for agents to work these peak hours without the commitment of a full-time employee. The key to staffing the call center when experiencing spikes in call volume lies in having the ability to integrate home and remote agents or outsourcers into your full business processes.

Different Technology Doesn’t Help

The problem has been remote agents have not had access to the same technology as your agents on site. Thanks to advances in web technology it’s now possible for your remote agents to have exactly the same systems on their desktop as in your contact center.

Remote Agents can Now be Fully Integrated With Your Contact Center

Use of part-time at home or outsourced workers and non-standard scheduling has been shown to enable contact center resourcing, which better aligns the workforce with volume of work. Businesses can now take advantage of outsourcing their peak volumes as well as remote agents who are willing to work non-standard shift because they have no commute time. Using home workers is a win win – Agents enjoy lifestyle and financial benefits and there are also many benefits to the business such as:

  • Staffing - It doesn’t make sense to employ full-time office based agents just for peak volumes
  • Infrastructure - The capital expense and recurring costs for contact center infrastructure required at peak times is prohibitive
  • Facilities - No additional physical space is required for remote resources or equipment to accommodate peak volume
  • Flexibility - The remote agents tend to be more flexible and as a result you attract agents that are of a higher calibre with higher skills and maturity

How to Implement Remote Agents

However one of the contact center management challenges organizations face in using remote agents is how to integrate the agent’s desktop. Conventionally this has been through using thick-client CTI which not only creates performance issues but requires labor intensive installation and setup on each remote agents machine. This greatly increases maintenance overheads for remote workers especially whenever updates are required.

Browser Based Desktops Provide The Answer

The solution is to used a browser-based desktop where the software is centrally manage and the remote workers can use their own devices.

Coral Agent Desktop is The Solution

Coral is an ultra thin HTML5 solution which gives full centralized control. It is easy to deploy, configure, and manage. It helps increase agent and supervisor productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce costs.

The Benefits of Coral are;

  • Complete freedom from desktop deployment
  • Desktop / Operating System / Device “agnostic”
  • “Standards based” and easily extensible
  • “Multi-tenanted” – allowing Outsourcer/Service Provider/Cloud-based functionality
  • Fast and efficient information feed (Screen pops etc)
  • Real time configuration changes and roll back
  • Competitive pricing

Coral reduces operational costs and provides better customer service. This solution provides greater workforce management flexibility, improves employee satisfaction and allows you to recruit from a better agent talent pool.

Take a look here for more information on Coral

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Posted by eckoh at 12:32 PM on May 18, 2015


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