Steering clear of the vendor agenda

Ever thought third party contact center support was a bluff? After all, surely the vendor knows their product best and is therefore in the best place to support it – aren’t they? Well, think again, there’s more to this than meets the eye.

That’s because the OEMs or vendors subtly, or not so sublty, make it harder and more costly to keep older systems operating. They tell you that your system is coming to ‘end-of-life’ and that it won’t be supported any longer, leaving you alone and adrift with your technology.

They use this inconvenience angle to persuade, force or just bully businesses into upgrading a system that didn’t need to be upgraded.

Upgrading a contact center system is no small project either, it can involve significant cost, many man-hours and complete disruption during the transition. You’re not even clear if it’s going to work properly or if your agents are going to be able to work at peak productivity. You may need to retrain them or adapt to different features or interactions. It’s no wonder that it’s a daunting prospect which makes it all the more painful when you’re being pushed into it before you’re ready.

So, what can you do?

Take a look at the problem from a different angle. When your car needs some attention it’s most likely that you take it to your local garage where they have the expertise to fix it but not at manufacturers’ or main dealers’ prices. Same with a washing machine or a boiler you call in an engineer. So why not do the same with your contact center by calling in expert, third party support providers? It’s got to be more effective than trying to do it yourself and suffering the consequences.

Let’s have a look at why you would do this?

Firstly, if you’re not ready either operationally or financially then you’re unlikely to make the best decision. Such a major project needs proper consideration and planning, involving several teams across your business. You need to have time to plan your next customer contact evolution so that you can be ready to embrace the best solution when the time is right. It should be done in your time scale, for your reasons and not to suit the vendor’s agenda

Secondly, you most likely put some hefty investment into your last contact center upgrade and perhaps you don’t feel you’ve got the most out of that yet. Any business today knows that obtaining the maximum ROI from any spend is a must. So, maybe you don’t want to spend more money right now and would benefit from being able to keep your existing systems running for longer but not at the vendor’s price.

Thirdly, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll get a better, and more cost effective, service from an experienced third party support provider than you ever did from the OEM or vendor. This is because as a third party they’re not tied to one supplier’s business strategy which sees vendors needing to sell more product or services at inflated prices while reducing users of legacy systems so they can move resources from those to the newer, more profitable, lines in their portfolio.

Obviously, OEMs or vendors won’t want you to move your support because they’re losing the business and chance to upgrade you. But if they’re no longer going to offer to support you then you’re free to go to whoever you like.

At Eckoh we believe that it’s your contact center and your business, so the decision on if, how and when you move to a new platform should be yours and yours alone.

As experts in providing independent third party contact center support we can provide you with the help you need but also assist you in planning for your future needs when you’re considering moving to a new platform. We’ll also be able to help when it comes to decommissioning your existing contact center.

In fact, none of our customers, who have come to us for third party contact center support, have ever gone back to their original support provider.

To read deeper into this topic download our free eGuide to ‘Finding support you can trust. For a personal view on this from the Chairman of the Customer Experience Forum read the article 'How to avoid the sales-support trap.

If you want to know more about Eckoh’s third party contact center support solutions then give us a call on 866 258 9297 Or, drop a line at and we'll call you back.

Posted by eckoh at 2:24 PM on Jul 23, 2018


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