Teach an Old Dog New Tricks? Yes Sir

With functionality moving from enterprise to consumer devices, businesses need stable systems to plug in more and more innovations. As a result, many organizations want to extend the life of their older communications systems and infrastructure.

Given the importance of these systems, having world class support and contact center spares to keep them operating is vital.

Eckoh is expert in supporting contact center technology including solutions which manufacturers have made end of life.

Eckoh can help by providing a third party support alternative that in all cases provides better support, while at the same time reduces your total cost of ownership.

Whether it’s your IVR, ACD, Dialer or Call Recorder, PSS can support it. With the need to keep up with the latest innovations, and the shortage of IT resources, stable technology that provides, mission critical business functions are more valuable than ever.

Additionally if you think that because you have a legacy system you may not find spares for it Eckoh has it covered with 1000’s of multi-vendor parts in stock,

Eckoh extends the life of your systems and can repair the parts needed to keep them up and running. From a significant inventory of parts you can buy or exchange your current parts. Eckoh can do the installation for you or you can fit them yourself.

Using an independent, third party provider of world-class support can save you from disruption and minimize risk.

In fact, you could end up saving money and getting an even better service.

To learn more about third party support download the new e-Guide

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Posted by eckoh at 3:53 PM on Nov 21, 2015


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