Third Party Support: Smart Thinking Beats Dogged Determination

Have you ever been chased by a dog – when you’re driving? A small number of hounds have a bizarre habit of pursuing cars. And their actions bear an uncanny resemblance to some companies.

It’s not the crazed expression or the drool. It’s something else …

Dogged Determination

The dogged determination to chase each car is admirable. But the more serious question is this: what happens when the dog wins – and the car is cornered in a parking lot, for instance? What can the dog actually do?

A similar thing is happening with finding partner services in the Contact Center arena. Winning a contract takes a huge amount of effort. But then the victorious company struggles. Even if they know what needs to be done – how can they deliver the third party support services when in-house expertise is limited and resources are so stretched?

The root problem of third party support services is a widening gap between the soaring expectations of their customer’s end-users and the systems that serve them. This can be especially true for companies that offer contact center platforms and infrastructures to other enterprises.

Today’s end-users are driving the agenda for change. The explosion of social and mobile customer care and new innovations in the cloud all require a specialized approach. Consumer spending power in terms of hardware and functionality is leaving the enterprise behind.

Why Companies Keep Failing

Some providers are trying desperately to keep up, with all their might. They embrace every vendor enhancement, just in case it gets them closer. They spend a fortune. But the days of manufacturers making giant leaps in innovation are few and far between. That’s because more and more functionality is moving off these platforms and onto consumer devices.

Keeping a ‘standing army’ of software specialists isn’t the answer even if it was affordable and such people were easily available. A different and more adaptable model is needed if you want to maintain the customers you have – and to win new business.

How Enterprises Can Start Winning

Focusing more of your spend on innovation can be a differentiator that helps you to win new contracts. And you can pay for it by reducing the cost of running your existing systems – by moving to third party support.

It’s advisable to remove yourself from the expensive upgrade cycle that vendors love so much (because it drives their revenue). Instead, only transition to new systems when they genuinely provide a step change in functionality.

Despite what you may be told, you can keep many older platforms working at optimum levels and even introduce surprising enhancements – with the right expertise.

Find a Vendor-Neutral Support Partner

At Eckoh, we understand the technology and resource challenges facing Service Providers that own or manage large complex contact centers. We recognize the impact these challenges can have on profitability as well as the customer experience.

Our Partner Services offer solutions that help to solve these challenges. Our focus is on helping customers with what they have today, where they want to transform to tomorrow, and how they can innovate for the future.

We can enable you to win more business – and then deliver what end-users expect. You can match and exceed the expectations of your customers too. With our third party support, you can manage more customers, convert more turnover to profit, and even turn support issues into revenue opportunities.

Eckoh enables you to thrive – by focusing on what you do best.

If you’d like a chat about any challenges you face or more about our partner services contact

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Posted by eckoh at 12:11 PM on May 20, 2015


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