Visual IVR Improves Contact Center Customer Experience

Visual IVR is a giant step forward in enhancing traditional voice-powered IVR calls.

In fact, the term “Visual IVR” is because you can now see and interact with the IVR call flow from your smart phone, that runs on iPhone and Android-powered devices.

In addition to automated Visual IVR calls, customer service and support agents can interact with callers live during the call and even push web pages or order forms to the device while the caller is on the phone call.

Adding a Visual IVR dimension to existing IVR applications can help drive customer interaction costs down while improving contact center customer experience and increasing revenues!

Benefits for Companies Deploying Visual IVR

  • Increased number of callers to your call center will use self-service
  • Dramatically improve the use of self service – less real agents required.
  • Marketing and image improvement for a company
  • Boost customer service ratings.
  • Shorter calls – if callers come directly through to appropriate agent.
  • Cheaper to deploy than traditional IVR – pure software.
  • Easier development of the “IVR” applications.
  • Rich visual application possibilities for the future.
  • Connect with growing generation of mobile users.

Benefits for Users of Visual IVR

  • Convenient – on the mobile phone
  • Easy to use – no listening or DTMF keyin in
  • Fast – faster than listening to prompts and keying in responses
  • Faster to get in agent queue

How Eckoh Can Help You

Let us offer you a free evaluation where we will expertly assess the performance of your existing IVR solution and pinpoint a strategic path that lead to improving customer satisfaction and the return on investment of the applications and technologies. Contact Us Now To Book.

Discover the benefits of using Visual IVR to improve contact center custom experience. For more information about our solutions for IVR or would like to discuss how your organization can benefit from deploying IVR contact us for a FREE no obligation consultation by calling us on 1-866-258-9297

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