What If Your Contact Center Was A Car?

Third party support: contact center systems are extremely complex & when end of life support finishes, the decision to upgrade can seem inescapable.

Imagine if the automobile servicing market was dominated by franchised dealers? You might purchase a new SUV and drive away, basking in the reassurance of a five-year, all-inclusive service warranty from the dealer. Years of trouble-free, happy motoring follow: Envious neighbours, happy holidays, sunsets by the beach.

But then trouble strikes.

What if five years and six months down the road, you’re alerted by the dealer that your warranty is about to end – and you need to upgrade, regardless of whether the time is right for you, your bank balance, and your car, which is still in good shape?

If you don’t upgrade, then the dealer’s qualified mechanics will no longer lift a wrench to help next time there’s any sort of problem. You’re outraged. But that end of support date is approaching fast.

Quite rightly, you’d feel under pressure and wonder who’s actually at the wheel. But the pressure might increase further if your family and friends complain about the occasional creak or smudge on the paintwork. Purchasing that shiny new model on the forecourt might seem the obvious thing to do.

To most people, this story sounds ridiculous. After all, who wouldn’t scout around for a reliable alternative to the franchised garage once the official service deal was over?

But in the world of contact center technology, this kind of scenario isn’t so far fetched.

Because contact center systems are extremely complex, there’s a perception that only the original vendor can provide expert support beneath the hood. And when that end of life support date gets closer, the decision to upgrade can seem inescapable. In fact, contact center, operations and IT managers are under so much pressure generally – from all quarters – that they often don’t have enough time to investigate the alternatives.

What many companies miss is the fact that highly experienced, vendor-agnostic contact center experts are within easy reach (like that trusted independent garage around the corner). If you don’t want to give up on your old-but-valued technology just yet, you don’t have to. It’s your choice. Always. You can carry on and receive world-class third party support from someone else – and probably save 20-40% into the bargain.

Third Party Support: Your Questions Answered

The challenges and solutions are explored in a new e-guide published called “Your essential guide to third party support services for contact center technologies.” It’s free and you can download it clicking here.

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Posted by eckoh at 2:13 PM on Sep 17, 2014


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